Kappatronix LLC

Kappatronix LLC
2452 S. Walnut Street
Contact Name: George Kalpakidis
Phone: 812-961-8460
Electronics eventually wear down and will need repair; the answer is Kappatronix! From computer failure to DVD player lenses getting worn out, we are here to help. Kappatronix specializes in TVs, computers, amplifiers, DVD players, vintage electronics, speakers, and much more! We are here to help you with your electronic needs. We also offer home audio/video installation.Welcome to Kappatronix! We are a new local, family owned business located in the strip mall at the corner of South Walnut and Winslow Road.The owner, George Kalpakidis is an electronic technician that has been repairing and servicing electronics since 1980 in Europe and America. Kappatronix is a family owned business as well as a Green Business. We encourage you to reuse and recycle your old electronics rather than polluting the landfill.Kappatronix also offers retail, we have cables, USB’s, keyboards, mice, memory, and much more! We always have more coming in! GREAT VARIETY ON VINTAGE ELECTRONICS FOR SALE!

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