Weatherwax Hypnotherapy

Weatherwax Hypnotherapy
1414 South Madison Street
Contact Name: Nell Weatherwax
Phone: 812-360-2530
I teach self-hypnosis as a tool to keep the mind fit for the life you truly choose to live. Hypnosis is a tool, easily learned and useful for guiding the mind to be happy and highly productive. The hypnotic trance provides a natural, peaceful state of mind characterized by focused, relaxed attention. When deeply relaxed and skillfully guided by a certified hypnotherapist, your mind becomes more open to positive beliefs, solutions, and behavior changes. With the help of a skilled therapist, you learn the skills you need to steadily and permanently transform your limiting beliefs and free yourself from suffering. Call for a free consultation and learn more ways you can make your powerful mind work much better for you. I have over 500 hours of excellent training and I am certified through the American Society of Hypnotist Examiners. I have a masters in counseling and have certification as a career development facilitator. Please visit my Facebook and website: Weatherwax Hypnotherapy and contact me for a free consultation.

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