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Radio Advertising
Phone: 812-935-6060 is your best online source for any ticket, any time. We have tickets in stock for all concerts, sporting events, theater performances and specials events throughout the world. We stock Masters Golf, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA College Sports, Tennis, Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, Indy 500, Soccer, Rugby, Boxing, Rodeo, WWE, Theatre, all Concert Tickets and IU Basketball / IU Football.
Phone: 812-824-9681
This year's calendar photographers include - Martin Bowling, Steven Cox, Tom Duffy, George Cesnik and Joanne Shank. Enjoy the beauty of the Farmer's Market all year round.You may order a 2017 Bloomington Community Farmers' Market Calendar for $15. through this website with Paypal - shipping is included. These calendars are also on sale at Bloomingfoods and Byhand Gallery. A perfect Holiday gift for all those Farmers' Market lovers on your list.
Phone: 812-325-9433
A Roleplaying, Wargaming, Board Game shop in Ellettsville. We offer Games Workshop, Magic, Talisman, War Machine, and much more.
Phone: 812-230-6110
Independent Certified Male Massage Therapist, Trained in San Diego,CA with Massage Therapy. And have since worked for 3 locally owned Spas, and currently available for appointments directly(230-6110) Out Appointments Only- I will take your stress away...And any Reviews on here less than 5 Stars - Hasn't Had a massage by me.
Phone: 812-382-5100
Since 2007, 804 Studios has been a trusted provider of web design, custom website development, website hosting and Internet marketing services for small businesses and organizations in Bloomington, Indiana and across the U.S.
Phone: 812-331-2327
No matter how young your child is it’s never too early to work on developing motor skills, understanding shapes and colors, conceptualizing patterns, and using logic and reasoning. We instill in them at a young age the basic skills needed to succeed and continue with their education.
Phone: 812-337-1767
A Beautiful Notion is a line of jewerly that is hand-crafted from vintage buttons and notions into a contemporary style. A Beautiful Notion is created by local artist, Angela Williams. There are original necklaces, earrings, and barrettes that can be worn to express your creative style and keep you in step with today's trends. The use of vintagematerials makes each handcrafted piece one-of-a-kind.
Phone: 812-339-9995
At A Better Way Moving and Storage, we have earned our reputation as A full service company that combines quality performance with affordable low rates to meet your moving and storage needs.
Phone: 812-322-1912
When you hire Yelena Yahontova you won't just be hiring another photographer. Other photographers may give you a technically perfect photo...but there may be something missing. If you want unique and expressive portraits of yourself or you child Yelena Yahontova is the photographer for you.
Phone: 812-332-2141
Bloomington Chamber of Commerce 2005 "Community Enhancement" Award Winner! A Summerhouse Inn, Bloomington's Premier Family Hotel, is as comfortable as the Classic Family Vacation. Load up the station wagon or minivan and enjoy clean comfortable rooms and a friendly staff. We are located on the East side of Bloomington, near the intersection of Highway 46 and 446.
Phone: 812-322-1412
A.B.C. Photography is operated by Chris Straw. Chris moved to Bloomington in Dec. of 2006 after working many years at Photographics in Colorado. He is a local elementary art teacher with a passion for both teaching and photography. Please browse our pictures and read about us through our sites. If you like what you see and you're interested in giving us the privilege of "capturing your special moments," please give us a call, send us an email, or find us on facebook!
Phone: 812-337-0492
*Specializing in Auto Insurance**Accidents *Cancelled/Non-renewed*DWI/DUI *International License*Speeding Tickets *Youthful Drivers*Suspended *SR22/SR50's Prepared in Office*Non-Owner's Insurance AvailableCall STARLA Today @ 812-337-0492
Phone: 708-206-8120
The AAA Academy is a non-for-profit 14-7.02 private therapeutic day school. It has been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to serve the needs of students ages 5 through 15 with emotional, behavioral, learning disabilities and other health impairments as well as those considered to be at-risk. AAA Academy provides a structured academic program for placement of students in grades k through 8, utilizing a unique 5-1 teacher to pupil ratio. AAA Academy's concept of reducing class size goes along with a belief that to communicate one on one with students increases the chance of reaching them. AAA Academy was created with the idea and principle belief that "ALL CHILDREN ARE WORTH SAVING". This belief allows us to provide alternative placements to students with different needs, while allowing them to obtain needed academic achievement. Students experiencing difficulty in the traditional school environment are placed with AAA Academy because of our fundamental belief that all children can learn.
Phone: 812-935-5824
Long Term Care Insurance Specialist
Phone: 812-337-0953
car serviceandsales
Phone: 812-335-8350
Representing Buyers and Sellers for over 10 years ABACUS - Service you can "count on"
Abell Nursery & Landscape
Phone: 812-825-2530
Phone: 812-332-1620
Abilities Unlimited supports full community membership for people with disabilities. We provide direct services and collaborate with other organizations and groups.Key Services:-Durable Medical Equipment Loans-Home Modification for Accessible Living-Camp Scholarship Fund-Traumatic Brain Injury Support-Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain SupportThere are no fees for any of Abilities Unlimited's services. Most of our clients are very low to moderately low income. Please donate to Abilities Unlimited, so that we may continue to provide these necessary services to individuals and families.
Phone: 765-318-5558
Phone: 812-333-3333
Abodes, Inc. | Apartment Rentals and Leasing in Bloomington, INAbodes is proud to be locally owned and managed. With over 30 years’ experience managing apartment rentals in Bloomington, Indiana; we understand our residents’ needs! We are dedicated to providing our residents with quality living spaces and personalized service: from your first apartment tour with our friendly leasing staff, to the fabulous maintenance techs who attend to all your maintenance needs.We manage over 170 houses and apartments for rent in Bloomington IN, so you are sure to find a great new place to call home. Abodes offers apartments and houses for rent near the beautiful Indiana University campus, in historic downtown Bloomington right on the Square, on Kirkwood and the B-Line Trail, in the popular East side near the College Mall, and right on the edge of the IU campus. If it’s a luxury one bedroom you are looking for as an IU Grad Student or professional, or a place for you and your friends to live out your undergraduate college experience, Abodes has something for you. We care about the environment, and work hard to offer our residents opportunities for a more sustainable lifestyle. With free on-site recycling, composting, an organic community garden,energy-conserving practices and eco-friendly cleaning products, we aim to make a greener lifestyle accessible and convenient for our residents. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly apartment community where you can lower your carbon footprint, you’ve found the right place. Our properties are pet friendly and include online rent payments, 24-hour emergency maintenance, and swimming pool and fitness room access. Many of our rentals include high-speed internet, washers and dryers, and fireplaces as well.
Phone: 812-336-1971
YOUR ARTWORK ON A T-SHIRT!Come to Abracadabra Graphics for your custom screenprinting or embroidery on t-shirts, hats, jackets, bags, sweatshirts or anything made out of fabric. We can put your favorite photo on a t-shirt too!Abracadabra is also a distributor of promotional products. So if you want to advertize your business, church,or organization we can help you find a product to "get the word out" and still not empty your bank account.
Phone: 812-345-2490
We buy and sell used scholarly books: science, education, text, math, history, philosophy, psychology, and more.
Phone: 812-332-3001
Reinventing Real Estate
Phone: 812-339-2559
Ace Pawn Shop has been serving the community since 1975. We are committed to providing our customers with quality merchandise, low prices and great service. We also provide fast, friendly, and confidential cash loans, often in less than five minutes! We offer an interesting shopping experience so come visit us and see what a pawn shop is all about! Voted Bloomington's best pawn shop in the 2008 Herald Times Reader's Choice awards. Thanks for your votes!
Phone: 812-323-2274
Ace Pawn Shop has been serving the community since 1975. We are committed to providing our customers with quality merchandise, low prices and great service. We also provide fast, friendly, and confidential cash loans, often in less than five minutes! We offer an interesting shopping experience so come visit us and see what a pawn shop is all about! Voted Bloomington's best pawn shop in the 2008 Herald Times Reader's Choice awards. Thanks for your votes!
Phone: 812-336-1501
Student RatesVacation RentalsInsurance/Replacement RentalsLargest Fleet of 15 Passenger Vans in the state
Phone: 812-361-7779
Ceramic Tile Installation and Grout Tinting20+ years of professional quality ceramic tile installation. Commercial or residental. Rated #1 by Bloomington’s custom home builders. Free in-home estimates.$ Affordable $
Phone: 812-325-4502
The WHITE GLOVE service.
The Active Aging Coalition is a grassroots organization consisting of seniors, their families, caregivers, and other community advocates interested in improving lives of seniors in our community. Through monthly meetings and community engagement, we learn about each other’s participation in the senior community, find ways to work together more efficiently, and increase our own understanding of available resources.Sometimes, when searching for these resources, gaps in services are discovered as well. This has encouraged creativity among the group to find better ways to use resources that already exist or at times to create entirely new solutions. One such solution was the creation of the Commission on Aging. They have been responsible for the very successful Creative Aging Festival, a month long city-wide celebration of elder artists addressing the benefits of creativity to healthful aging.We produce a monthly newsletter that includes up-to-date meeting minutes, announcements, and upcoming events. We also send out monthly invitations to our upcoming meetings. If you would like to receive these, please click the Contact button and send us your name and email address. Meetings begin and end promptly in recognition of everyone’s busy schedule, but you are welcome to stay longer to visit and network with those you meet. We hope to see you at one of our meetings!
Phone: 812-391-1011
Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus, on the body's surface, in order to influence physiological functioning of the body. Acupuncture can also be used in conjunction with heat produced by burning specific herbs, this is called Moxibustion. In addition, a non-invasive method of massage therapy, called Acupressure, can also be effective. The first record of Acupuncture is found in the 4,700 year old Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine). This is said to be the oldest medical textbook in the world. It is said to have been written down from even earlier theories by Shen Nung, the father of Chinese Medicine. Shen Nung documented theories about circulation, pulse, and the heart over 4,000 years before European medicine had any concept about them. As the basis of Acupuncture, Shen Nung theorized that the body had an energy force running throughout it. This energy force is known as Qi (roughly pronounced Chee). The Qi consists of all essential life activities which include the spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical aspects of life. A person's health is influenced by the flow of Qi in the body, in combination with the universal forces of Yin and Yang . (I will discuss Yin and Yang a little later). If the flow of Qi is insufficient, unbalanced or interrupted, Yin and Yang become unbalanced, and illness may occur. Qi travels throughout the body along "Meridians" or special pathways. The Meridians, (or Channels), are the same on both sides of the body (paired). There are fourteen main meridians running vertically up and down the surface of the body. Out of these, there are twelve organ Meridians in each half of the body (remember they are in pairs). There are also two unpaired midline Meridians.
Phone: 866-575-7455
We are a full service specialty cleaning company that handles large scale cleanup projects. Our primary focus is on hoarding cleanup, but we also do clutter cleaning, estate cleaning, and commercial cleaning projects. Our expert staff can thoroughly clean the property and make a safe living environment for the individual.
You could bring more people to Christ in foreign lands by supporting indigenous missions than if you went as a missionary yourself! There are 6,945,000,000 on this planet. Of those, 3,450,000,000 have never once had the opportunity to give their heart to Christ. Over 2 billion have never even heard the name of Jesus. There are 24,000 people groups on earth. Nearly 14,000 have no one preaching the Gospel for them to hear. Someone has to be His voice to them. Revelation 5:8 tells us that every kindred, nation, tribe and tongue will join the song of the redeemed. One of every three people in the world live in India or China. Most of the missions focus there to date has been in metropolitan areas, but both nations are over 70% rural. India has 600,000 villages of which 500,000 have never heard the Gospel. The most effective way to reach them is to equip the native believers to become church planters.If you havent heard yet, AIM is very different from other mission organizations. We don't send Americans to live as missionaries overseas. In most places where the unreached live, westerners aren't even allowed. Additonally, the average American missionary gets a little over $80,000 per year. With that amount we can support 22 church planters in Russia, 33 in Moldova or 133 in India! They know the language, slang, customs, laws and culture. They can eat the food and tolerate the weather. Its no wonder the indigenous are so much more effective in bringing souls to Christ!AIM is also different from many other organizations with a vision to work with natives. We forward 100% of designated support to the indigenous. If the Lord leads you to support one native church planter in India at $50 per month, the entire $50 goes to them every month. Well send you a picture and a bio so you can keep them in prayer!Our vision is to equip the indigenous to go where we cannot and reach those that have never heard the Gospel of Christ. We must relentlessly pursue every people group until the whole world hears!
Phone: 812-339-3960
Industry professionals providing comprehensive pest control services for commercial and residential.
Phone: 812-339-2203
AIT was created more than four decades ago to provide leadership and development services for instructional television. AIT is a leader in instructional technology, primarily visual technology, and possesses broad experience in the application of visual communications and transmission technologies for K12 education and teacher professional development. AIT actively distributes educational media to schools, libraries, and educational broadcasters. Working in partnership with independent producers, school districts, media centers, and public broadcasters, AIT guides the development of curriculum materials and promotes appropriate applications of video-based technology in the classroom.
Agewise Design
Phone: 812-369-1446
Agewise Design creates individual interiors for aging in place.
Phone: 812-332-4200
Phone: 812-671-0319
Offering training and instruction in Suenaka-ha Tetsugaku-ho Wadokai(TM) Aikido in Bloomington, IN
Phone: 812-330-0500
A family owned company with 2 State Licensed Plumbing Contractors and one handsome Electrician! We are a NO TOBACCO, NO COLOGNE company, for allergy suffers. We do all phases of plumbing and residential electric. TROUBLE SHOOTING SPECIALIST. Bath remodels, frozen lines, water heater repair/replacement, gas lines, faucets, disposals, odor elimination, clean outs, drain and sewer cleaning, sinks, dishwashers, toilets, tubs. INCENSED, INSURED. We have no surprise estimates. If we can't repair a problem, there is no charge. LADIES, WE TAKE OUR SHOES OFF SO YOU WON'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER US.TOBACCO FREE means we do not use tobacco and prefer to stay out of homes of smokers; for our health. We recognize it may put off some, but our health is more important than a few dollars.
Phone: 812-330-3978
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.*The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.* There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.* AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes.*Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
Phone: 812-345-6400
Looking for people who truly fear God and love His word and accept the following as true:-Has found the majority of “Christians” they have met do not believe or accept that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” - 2 Timothy 3:16-Believes that evangelists, pastors and teachers have failed to perfect the majority of saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.-Believes that churches have all failed to come into the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:-Believes the majority of people who call themselves “Christians” trust more in money than they do God, have Christianity as a religion instead of the life style it is supposed to be, and go to church to be fed and not to worship God.-Agrees most “churches” totally ignore the poor and downtrodden and care more about a new carpet or pews.-Do not believe God Church is the “church” buildings that “Christians” build to boost their own self esteem but a body of believers meeting together where ever they can.-Do not celebrate Christmas as it is an abomination to God-Do not attended a church or service where a women “preaches”.e-mail me if you match these beliefs and want to fellowship with those who truly fear the Lord God Almighty.
Phone: 812-332-3001
Alice moved to Bloomington in 1989 as regional controller for a multi-state construction company and quickly adopted Bloomington as her home town. A full time licensed real estate agent since 2005, Alice has achieved multi-million dollar sales volume each year, but takes greater pleasure in the many awards she has received based on client satisfaction. Alice married the love of her life, Pat, in 1990 and together they have raised two sons. Alice has strong ties to the community and an impressive business background. With degrees in accounting & business administration from Western Kentucky University, Alice has been licensed as a CPA in Tennessee & Indiana. Prior to becoming a full time real estate professional, Alice & her husband owned & operated an automotive repair facility on Bloomington’s south side. “Whether you are selling your real estate investment or buying your dream home, my goal is to provide service and results that exceed your expectations! I want to help you to accomplish your goals, whatever those may be.” Alice is a member of the Bloomington Board of Realtors, the Indiana Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. Serving Monroe County and surrounding counties including Bloomington, Indiana University, Ellettsville, Greene County, Owen County, Alice has the knowledge, skills & experience to help you get the best price, whether you are buying or selling. Her business is built on referrals from clients who appreciate the outstanding service she provides. “If you want a Realtor you can trust, don’t make a move without me! I am available by phone or text at 812-322-6256 or e-mail at . I look forward to helping you make your real estate dreams a reality!”
Phone: 812-339-4911
All American Storage offers you a wide variety of self-storage opportunities ranging from a compact 25 sq. ft. storage unit up to our spacious 400 sq. ft. unit. Providing you a great opportunity to free up personal living space by storing those seldom used, but still very important, items, our storage facilities are conveniently located in your neighborhood.We salso offer space saving solutions for retail shops, restaurants, contractors, lawyers, accountants, sales reps, medical offices, manufacturers, government and educational institutions. With a wide range of units, we've got the right size for all your business storage needs. We service a wide variety of customers by providing the best in storage options. If you have storage goods that require a controlled temperature, our climate control units are air conditioned/heated as seasonally appropriate.
All Saints Orthodox Christian Church
Phone: 812-824-3600
All Star Driving School
Phone: 812-339-9908
Drivers license training school in Bloomington, Indiana
Phone: 812-276-5941
Rehabilitation from Acute and Chronic PainStructural Massage TherapyRelief from Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, and Carpal Tunnel Pain plus much more.
Welcome to the Allman Brothers Termite and Pest Control website. We are a locally owned and operated business providing integrated pest management services to central Indiana. Our primary goal is to ensure that, as the customer, you are satisfied with the personalized quality service we provide. Having pests in your home or business can disrupt your lives. Let us help you get your life back to normal by controlling your pests. Our ethical business practices will guarantee your satisfaction.
Phone: 812-335-4686
On May 15, 1851, Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald and five of her closest friends founded the Adelphean Society, which later became Alpha Delta Pi, at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. At this time, the members selected the official colors, Azure Blue for friendship and White for truth, and the official flower, the Woodland Violet. They also chose their open motto: "We Live for Each Other." It holds the distinction of being the first secret society for women.In 1906, the design of the current diamond-shaped badge with two stars and clasped hands was selected, and in 1919, the present crest design, including a lion, was approved at the national convention. The Beta Alpha chapter was established at Indiana University in 1926.
Alpha Sigma Phi
Phone: 812-330-7959
Phone: 812-336-8076
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Phone: 800-272-3900
Our vision is creating a world without Alzheimer's disease while optimizing quality of life for individuals and their families.Our Mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research and to enhance care and support for individuals, their families, and caregivers.
Phone: 812-353-9299
Bloomington Hospital's Alzheimer's Resource Service serves families and professional caregivers who live or work with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. Care for the caregiver is a primary mission of the center, and education, support, and resources are offered at no charge. Drop in services are not available, please make an appointment before visiting us. The center is generously funded by the Bloomington Hospital Foundation.
Phone: 812-332-3366
Bloomington's ONLY News/Talk radio station! 1370 on your AM radio dial.
Phone: 812-333-7018
Amedisys is a leading provider of home health care and hospice services, with agencies located across the United States and Puerto Rico. The company was incorporated 1982. In 1994, the company became public and currently trades on The Nasdaq Market under the symbol “AMED”.
American Business Women's Association (ABWA) has a local chapter - the Bloomington Charter Chapter. Mission: to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition. The local chapter awards scholarships each year. Monthly chapter meeting includes professional development speaker/program and networking.
Phone: 812-336-8423
Community based volunteer health organization goaled at eliminating cancer through research, education, advocacy and service.
Phone: 800-322-6445
Live answering service and 24-hour call center. Specialties include medical answering services, emergency dispatch services, order entry services, and virtual receptionist services. Founded in 1936.
Phone: 812-334-0500
The American Legion Auxiliary shines as an example of unselfish giving. With almost a million members from all walks of life, the Auxiliary administers hundreds of volunteer programs, gives tens of thousands of hours to its communities and to veterans, and raises millions of dollars to support its own programs as well as other worthwhile charities familiar to most Americans. It is all accomplished with volunteers.The Auxiliary, organized in 1919 to assist The American Legion, is much more than the name implies. The organization has achieved its own unique identity while working side-by-side with the veterans who belong to The American Legion. Like the Legion, the Auxiliary's interests have broadened to encompass the entire community.The American Legion Auxiliary is the world's largest women's patriotic service organization. Through its nearly 10,500 units located in every state and some foreign countries, the Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. Along with The American Legion, it solidly stands behind America and her ideals.
Phone: 812-336-4444
American Rental began in 1981 in Bloomington, Indiana and has grown to 50 retail locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. In an ever changing world of commerce, the customer is often times forgotten, but Vice President/General Manager, David P. David pledges, "One thing that will never change, our dedication to our customers."With quality name brands such as Sony, Hitachi, JVC, Canon, Dell, Bushline, La-Z-Boy, and Simmons you're sure to find the perfect item for your needs at an affordable weekly rate. By offering 100 days same as cash, no credit hassles or long-term obligations, and service and delivery included we are able to achieve our number one goal, your satisfaction.
Phone: 812-336-3570
Amethyst House, Inc., is a Bloomington, IN based not-for-profit United Way agency that provides high quality, structured living environments, treatment, education and recovery services to individuals with addictions and substance abuse issues. We operate three transitional houses in Bloomington, IN: -Men's halfway program serving 19 men. -Men's three-quarter program serving 5 men. -Women's halfway program serving 11 women and dependent children up to age 6. We operate full-service outpatient programs in Bloomington and Evansville, IN. :-Intensive outpatient treatment. -Individual, group and family therapy. -Evaluation, case management and referral services.
Phone: 812-332-8733
An eclectic selection of clothing, skateboards, tapestries, hookahs, hair dye, and hand-blown glass smoking accessories.
Phone: 812-334-2991
We serve the delicious dishes of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Please take a look at our menu and let us serve. You will find great tasting and affordable food at a very enjoyable and clean setting. While we have plenty of tables, we also offer traditional Turkish seating, with cushions and wooden and copper tables.
Phone: 812-323-7730
The need to make a personal statement is woven into the human fabric. At Andrew Davis Menswear, we choose fabrics and styles that tailor to that instinct.Suits "of the rack" and department store slacks serve a much-needed purpose, but we've set our sights higher than just providing you with something that will fit your body at a comfortable price. We'd rather you wear something that fits your personality at a price that will add value to your wardrobe.What sets you apart is your sense of self. Andrew Davis Menswear can help you shape the impression you give the world. If perception is reality, then let Andrew Davis Menswear create an individual reality for you. Come in, sit down, have a drink and chat with us. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll work with you to maximize how the world sees you - and how you see yourself.Our mission is to be continually inspired to bring you the finest merchandise and shopping experience. With such outstanding value, quality, and service, we guarantee that you will not want to shop anywhere else.
Phone: 812-332-4200
Our attorneys are experienced and capable of effectively representing clients in many areas of practice: commercial and residential real estate, family law, estate planning and probate, business law, and litigation and mediation.
Phone: 812-333-7003
I am a hair designer with 18 years experience. I specialize in Hair Cutting and Color Services. Tell me where you found me and ask about my first time service promotion!
Phone: 812-606-9563
After receiving a doctorate in philosophy in 1972 from Boston University, I was hired to teach full time at an experimental college in California. After one year I was fired, as "too experimental." I then became a student of astrology, working and writing in that field for over two decades. Along the way I founded and published three experimental magazines, one of which, "Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging" (1989-2001), was twice nominated for "Utne Reader"'s annual awards. ( the end of 2008, I agreed to serve for three years as Founding Editor for a new crone magazine, "Crone: Women Coming of Age" that publishes twice per year. That service is now done!My book, "This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation," which tells of the multidimensional experiences during my first year of "conscious grieving" after my husband died of a heart attack, was released in March, 2007, and received a Best Book award from USA Book News in 2008 ( I lived for 20 years in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, most of that time in a 20-foot diameter yurt surrounded by wild animals. My forays into art started there, when I knew I needed to enter "beginner's mind," and art was the most scary place that I could go.I moved to Bloomington in August of 2002, four months before my husband died of a heart attack and left me alone and bereft in a new, and, I discovered, sweetly nourishing town. I live in "Green Acres," where I've established the GANG (Green Acres Neighborhood Garden). I work with others to transform our neighborhood into a sustainable urban village. (,, was a member of the Initiating Group for Transition Bloomington ( and continue as Vice-President of the Association for Regenerative Culture ( early 2010, after a seven year sabbatical, I returned — very part time! — to my profession as a professional astrologer. In January 2011, noticing that I belong to two cultures, one metaphysical and the other pemacultural, I launched a website/blog at that bridges/blends Above and Below. This blog is very active, featuring about five posts per day where I either post original material or material from others with original commentary. ( February and March of 2013, I traveled to Southeast Asia, to learn Vipassana Meditation in Thailand and tour the places in India and Nepal where the Buddha was born, received enlightenment, taught his first students, and died. (Chom Tong Insight Meditation Center: see my life as a constantly evolving experimental process, my actions in the outer world in response to ongoing inner promptings.
Phone: 812-336-3644
Successfully renting and managing properties in Monroe County for over 20 years, Annie's Abodes will advertise, screen and select the perfect renter for your property. We have access to excellent yet reasonable contractors to maintain your property to your specifications. References are available upon request.
Phone: 812-219-1388
We are a multi-cultural church of dsestiny! God's anointing is upon church and thae greatest think he has annointed us to do is to love YOU!If you're in the Bloomington area, you are invited to come worship; with us. The first time you come, you are our guest. The nest time you come, you are family. Sunday Morning Services 12-2pmRoom 013Ballantine Hall on the IU campusWenesday Bible Classes 7-9pmRoom A201Neal-Marshall Black Cultural Center on the IU Campus
Phone: 812-339-2319
Telephone Answering Service
Phone: 812-336-7088
Anthony's Pets strives to offer happy, healthy, pet-friendly animals to it's customers. We carry various breeds of puppies, kittens, small animals, reptiles, birds, and fish; as well as the supplies to go with them. Can't find what you're looking for in our store? We'll order it for you at no extra charge.Our low prices are guaranteed, we'll price-match any local competitor for the same product! Don't know what you're looking for? Stop by and our friendly, educated staff will be happy to assist you in any way possible.
I come to you for your workout, whether it be at your home, park or even office. I will design a fitness plan for your goals and needs along with motivating and challenging you to your highest potential.I am from Bloomington and graduated from South High School in 1997. I now live in Ellettsville with my husband Heath. I have always been an active person and recently completed my first Sprint Triathlon. Previously a Preschool teacher, I decided to become a certified fitness trainer through ISSA ( International Sports Science Association) because I enjoy helping others and teaching them the importance of being healthy. I attend many workshops throughout the year, learning and working with some of the top fitness trainers around the country.My service, coming to you for your workout allows one to save time driving to the gym, finding childcare and saving money on gym fees.My goal for my clients is to teach them that exercise can produce results without long and vigorous workouts. I provide many creative ways to exercise to eliminate getting bored. I work with clients of all ages and fitness levels. I am very passionate about helping people feel good about themselves and to get them on a healthy path for a more happier and prosperous life!IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO GET HEALTHY!
Phone: 812-330-1123
Apartments in Bloomington Indiana, search for apartments, subleases, and roommates in Bloomington IN, near Indiana University or downtown. Find phone numbers for local utility companies and service providers. View rental tips for renting in Bloomington, Indiana. Also, find neighborhood resources.
Phone: 812-333-3001
Residential Real Estate Appraisals--County coverage includes Monroe, Owen, Greene, Brown, Lawrence, Morgan--State Certified
Phone: 812-333-6136
We are family owned and operated and have been in the pool and spa industry for over a decade. Aqua PRO believes that a quality swimming pool built by an experienced pool designer will compliment any style of home. We have always strived to be progressive and embrace innovative technology in order to develop new skills, which broadens our ability to provide you with the most advanced building resources available and still remain within your water recreation budget. We can give you expert advice on selecting a pool or spa that will meet the recreational and leisure needs of you and your family. We believe that as a company, we exist only because of our customers and so we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our commitment to excellence.
Phone: 812-876-3383
Area 10 Agency on Aging is a private, not-for-profit corporation serving Monroe and Owen Counties. We are the tenth of sixteen Area Agencies on Aging in Indiana. Our mission is to lead by offering resources, solutions and connections that empower community members to live more fulfilled lives. Whether you're trying to find help for yourself or a loved one, our information and referral specialists are here to serve you as a "one-stop shop" for access to programs, services, information and assistance. Please visit our website to see the wide variety of ways that we support older adults and persons with disabilities build longer, stronger lives!
Phone: 812-336-3100
We have focused on seeking out the finest contemporary jewelry from around the world, since we opened in 1973. Today customers from all over the Midwest come to Argentum for unique designs, knowledgeable customer service and exceptional value. Our jewelry is so unique, so unusual, that each piece becomes a rare treasure for you to own and enjoy for a lifetime.Come and see the world's most beautiful diamonds from Lazare, exclusively at Argentum. And for those who, like us, believe that it's hip to be square, we have the Luc re cut diamond in a square brilliant shape that will take your breath away.Our rare, collector-quality gemstones include: luminous fire opals, glowing pearls, vibrant emeralds and sapphires, lush green tourmaline, unconventional apatite, indicolite, and other unusual gemstones from around the world. See them come to life in elegant settings by top international designers from America, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Istanbul, and Italy.Our services include: appraisals, jewelry repair, restorations, estate jewelry, custom design We hope to welcome you to our store, however we also welcome telephone and email inquiries.
Phone: 812-335-1623
Think of me as your real estate connection in southern Indiana, cities of Bloomington, Bedford, counties of Monroe, Lawrence and the surrounding counties of Owen, Brown, Greene and Orange. I specialize in the marketing and selling of new and existing real estate within the multiple listing services of the Bloomington Board of REALTORS, Bedford Board of REALTORS and MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS). I will represent you on any of the listings, regardless of who the listing agency (agent) is. Whether selling, buying, investing, building a home or need relocation information, call me, as your REALTOR , I will assist you with your current and future real estate needs with quality service and quality information that will benefit you. It is my job to make the buying and selling process rewarding and trouble free for you. I believe in building a long-term relationship with my clients. Call me, I am, "Your Access to Success in the Real Estate Business".Remember: SELLER+BUYER+ARLENE=SUCCE$$.
Phone: 812-361-7171
Let the most important day of your life be filled with style and creativity from the visionary team of ARTFUL BLOOMS, Karen Pacific and Teresa Kinder. Our floral studio located in Bloomington, Indiana is known for it's one-of-a-kind designer weddings, in which we transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Integrating trends in fashion paired with opulent blooms, Artful Blooms' mission is to exceed our client's expectations each and everytime.Your vision our creativity. Call for a free consultation for weddings and events. Karen Pacific 812-361-7171Teresa Kinder 812-876-6716
Phone: 812-334-0553
The Arthur Murray Dance Studo has been setting the standard since 1912. Dedicated to Excellence in teaching and the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Using the three-way teaching method, which combines private lessons, group lessons, and parties to practice what you learn, you can set your own pace, while learning in a fun environment.We offer dance lessons of all kinds: ballroom, ballroom dancing, waltz, tango, rumba, cha cha, country, disco, salsa, swing, and twist just to name a few. Not only will you improve your dancing, it's a fun way to exercise, get healthy, and who knows? Find romance!Whether you're getting ready for a wedding, a competition we're here to teach you in fun, relaxed environment.
Phone: 404-966-7247
- Photojournalism with a twist. It is important for me to tell a complete story of your celebration through pictures. I also strive to capture those unique moments that are so easy to miss. Your wedding may fly by, but I promise to capture every thrilling, touching, and joyous minute so that your special day can last a lifetime.
Phone: 1800USYOUTH
Make an American Dream come true - Host an international exchange student! The Aspect Foundation is currently seeking volunteer host families in the Monroe County and surrounding counties for high school students from nearly thirty countries, who want to experience the American way of life.For more information about becoming a host family, please call Jenny Osborne JENNY OSBORNE.
Phone: 812-565-2915
The Law Office of Jacob Atz provides assistance in business, real estate, and general law matters.
Phone: 619-922-0369
Weddings, portraits, family photos, grad photos, events, etc.Ask about our IU Student discount for weddings!
Auto Artisans Inc
Phone: 812-320-0630
Looking for quality car detailing services in Bloomington? Auto Artisans specializes in Carwash, Mobile Detailing, headliner repair in Bloomington Indiana
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Phone: 812-323-1500
Autobody Specialist of Bloomington would like to welcome you to our shop. We are Bloomington, Indiana's Body Shop Specialist by choice.We would like to insure you that you are receiving the best quality of bodywork for all your vehicle repairs. Our office staff consists of two personnel with over 50 years combined experience. We have three bodymen with over 50 years combined experience, and two painters with over 20 years combined experience. All repairs come with a full Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can feel confident in leaving your vehicle with us. We are happy to answer any and all our your questions throughout your entire vehicle repair so that you receive the highest in customer service just as you deserve.
Phone: 812-335-4655
We are a dementia specific assisted living community.
Ava’s Waste Removal
Phone: 812-327-2302
Trash pickup in Bloomington, Indiana. We offer residential trash pickup, business trash pickup, Bi-Weekly Recycling Service for home and commercial, as well as dumpsters and roll off containers.
Avellino Car Service is specialized in transfers from and to the main airports, ports, railways stations, hotels, restaurants and each other destination in Naples and its environs. In addition to transfers Avellino Car Service gives tours around the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast, Salerno, Pompeii, Naples and Herculaneum.
Phone: 812-323-7300
We help sellers, buyers, investors, developers, builders and corporations/banks. Our services come in the form of education, orientation, preparation and follow through. We do not simply sell real estate. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible for our clients to make intelligent and informed decisions. Our objective is to be the best source of information and to provide timely communication throughout your transaction. Our vision is excellence in client services.
Phone: 812-360-9163
Contact me for all your AVON needs.Jennifer J. Taylor, Independent Sales Representative
2 Bloomington locations:2437 S. Walnut St - (812) 323-1111312 E. 3rd St - (812) 332-4749
Phone: 812-276-7410
We offer quality work at low prices we will repair or service your motorcycle, atv, lawn mower, or vehicle.We also provide vehicle detailing and car stereo installation. We also pick up and deliver at $0.50/mile. Also offering Garden Tilling starting at $25 price depends on the size of your garden. Call or Text 812-276-7410 or 812-583-4464
Phone: 812-330-1840
b boutique is a chic store for women that carries designer clothing, unique accessories, adorable baby gifts, and stylish decorations. Look no further than b boutique for the most recent trends.You’ll find a wide selection of the hottest designer brands such as Hardtail, Free People, Alternative Apparel, Sweetees, Scrapbook, Hanky Panky, Lollia, Tocca, Kee Ka Baby, Trumpette, Paige, Ambre Blends, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Diana Warner, Ella Moss, Melanie Renee, Delicia, Splendid, and more!Stop in for a great shopping experience that offers fresh weekly shipments and great prices for all your clothing and decoration needs! b boutique is conveniently located in downtown Bloomington, Indiana, under the 10th & College apartments at 601 North College Avenue.
Phone: 812-336-2225
Results with over 5000 Bloomington Patients over 24 years, in "Americas Top Chiropractors". To achieve outstanding results, getting you out of pain and healthier, our breakthrough treatment is multifaceted and has developed over many years and involves knowing the right formula of combining and layering specific treatments in just the right way and in just the right order, giving us results where others have failed. Our clinic is state of the art and Dr. Fox is always on the cutting edge of new advancements in our filed. Treatment is always comfortable and you will be seen promptly.Call for a free Consultation with the doctor and be seen right away. Patient history form can be printed off and filled out ahead of time for your conveinance, just open it to the right under documents.Our goal is to treat patients with compassion, respect and understanding while administering the highest quality of care possible.Sincerely, Dr. James Fox We Provide Fast, Effective Relief From...*Back Pain *Neck Pain *Sciatica*Headaches *Migraines *Fibromyalgia*Hip Pain *Whiplash *Sports Injuries*Bursitis *Nerve Pain *Herniated Discs *Arthritis *Tendinitis *Carpal Tunnel *Fibromyalgia *Dizziness *Disc Disease Dr Fox is married to Lendy 25 years and going strong, we have 3 children, Brice, Logan and Fallon all attending Indiana University at the same time! Hobbies we enjoy, water and snow skiing, golf, camping, reading and movies. We love Bloomington and hope our kids can live and work here also!
Phone: 812-332-2812
When was the last time you went to the dentist? Was it longer than six months ago? Don’t feel guilty, a lot of people put off going to the dentist for various reasons. Baker DDS won’t judge you or make you feel guilty about the state of your oral hygiene — we’re just here to help.At Baker DDS we keep abreast of all the latest trends and innovations in dentistry. We’re constantly striving to provide our patients with the expert care and excellent products that they deserve.
Phone: 812-345-1091
Located in the heart of Downtown Bloomington, Baker Place is a recently renovated loft apartment with all the modern comforts. Featuring three bedrooms and 2800 square feet, Baker Place is easily the largest and most inviting extended stay guest house in Bloomington, Indiana. We pride ourselves on our unique setting and convenient location across from the courthouse and near all the downtown restaurants, bars and attractions. The suite features a full modern kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. It also features marble bathrooms with a soaking tub, private washer and dryer, fireplace and flat panel LCD television with surround sound and central air conditioning. A private entrace with free off-street parking compliment your new Bloomington address.
Phone: 812-339-5090
An organic herb shop + natural parenting boutiqueWe offer a wide range of Herbal Products as well as an extensive selection of Natural Parenting Products. We are committed to selling products that are either natural, organic, and fairtrade or in the best situation, all of the above. We shop from companies that care about their carbon footprint and ecological practices, so your purchases reflect this as well.Offering baby registry and beautiful gifts for babies and children. Come explore Barefoot!
Phone: 812-277-0411
Inflatables such as slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, sumo wrestling, bungee run, boxing ring, joust ring, etc. Wedding items such as candlabras, arches, columns, etc. Planning advise available. Setup instructions and printed information with each rental upon pickup or we offer delivery and setup with items rented. Available in Monroe, Lawrence, Owen, Greene, Orange, Brown counties and surrounding area.
Phone: 812-330-8978
Japanese Food
Phone: 812-961-8173
At Beams Health and Wellness Spa, we believe in the highest degree of expertise, inspiration and technology all aimed at bringing our patients dynamic and individualized programs. Here you will find a proficiently trained and accomplished team of professionals focused on the preventative medical field as well as a sophisticated approach to aesthetic medicine. As a result, we continuously commit ourselves to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Providing a total healthcare experience means addressing your complete health, wellness and beauty goals through a comprehensive approach including diet, nutrition, exercise and the highest quality skin care regimens. Our dedicated and friendly staff offers flexible and convenient hours and the highest quality care available. At Beams Health and Wellness Spa, we understand the importance of your wellness.
Phone: 812-339-3460
Established in 1979, Bear's Place bar and restaurant has been providing the Bloomington community with delicious food, cheap & potent drinks, and a variety of live entertainment for decades.We feature stand-up comedy shows on Mondays and Saturdays, Jazz and Karaoke on Thursdays, Blues on Fridays, and bands throughout the week.Great food and drink specials daily!
Phone: 765-315-8249
Themed Spa Parties in your home or at my office. Starlite Shots, similar to Glamour Shots, but your choice of Glam or Natural with minerals. Highest grade of spa and skin care offered, outside of a dermatologist. Looking for Spa Consultants in the Bloomington and surrounding communities.
Phone: 812-955-0800
BeeHive Homes of Bloomington is an assisted living home for our senior residents. Like all other BeeHive Homes across the country, it’s not an institution but a home where we have created the look, feel, and ambience of an actual family home. At the same time, we offer a safe and secure environment with an abundance of tender loving care from which our residents can live and thrive.One of the many things that sets us apart from other assisted living facilities is the experience of “being at home.” The layout, decor, centralized kitchen, home-cooked meals, and quality time with family and friends are some of the many things that make our residents feel so at home.We believe not in aging but in living life to the fullest, and we value compassion, dignity, respect, excellence of care, and stewardship.
Phone: 812-332-2355
Operated by Bloomington-based CarDon and Associates, Bell Trace is backed by a family-owned corporation with over 30 years of experience in creating exceptional lifestyles for Indiana seniors. Here, you'll discover surroundings that address your preferences, and services and programs to fit your lifestyle both now and in the years to come – and you'll know why Bell Trace stands as the standard for thoughtful design and gracious retirement living.
Phone: 812-876-0060
We're a family owned and operated used car dealer, conveniently located in Bloomington Indiana and another dealership in Ellettsville Indiana. We offer a wide selection of quality used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs at the lowest possible price. We keep our overhead costs low so we can offer you the most vehicle for your money.
Phone: 812-675-5855
Bellhops is the new way to move! We are a labor-only moving service that seeks to make the moving process easy and affordable. We hire athletic college-aged guys (fully background checked and vetted) to come out and provide all the muscle and energy you need to move anything and everything. All of your items are fully protected by our insurance and by our Bellhops! If you are looking for the middle ground between friends and moving companies then look no further!
Phone: 812-339-9730
Bender Lumber Company, southern Indiana's leading provider of building materials. Bender Lumber has served southern Indiana since 1931, developing a rich history of personal service and quality building materials. Whether you are a professional builder or a serious remodeler, we have a full range of products and services to meet your needs; built on exceptional customer service. Bender Lumber Company is ranked nationally in the top 150 companies selling lumber and building materials.
Family Fun, arcade games, indoor putt putt, cannon ball, birthday parties,
Beri Bee Designs
Phone: 812-345-2740
Mom to 2 crazies 👫 | lover of all things sewing, fabric, and crafting | sewing blogger | craft 🍻 fanatic
Phone: 812-331-4484
Middle Eastern and flamenco dance instruction on Monday and Tuesday evenings at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Eastland Plaza.
Bicycle Garage, Inc
Phone: 812-339-3457
Locally grown, owned & operated since 1980
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Phone: 812-334-2828
Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Indiana is an affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Founded nationally in 1904, Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest and largest youth mentoring organization in the United States. In 2002, the organization served more than 200,000 youth ages five through 18, in 5,000 communities across the country, through a network of 470 agencies.Mission: Our mission is to empower our community youth. We serve the emotional, social, and educational needs of children ages six through seventeen by facilitating professionally supported relationships with adult volunteers. The agency serves children ages 6-17 through a variety of one-to-one and group mentoring.
Phone: 812-955-0745
We're here to help with all your home projects including everything from painting to planting. In operation since 2008 we've enjoyed building relationships with clients on every project, and looking forward to helping you. Having a maintenance, home-improvement, and landscaping background there are many projects we can help with. Hire a laborer today for $15 per hour! Submit your project details along with any tools you feel may be needed, we bring our own.Discover the ease of getting supplies delivered directly to your home or projects site. Simply contact us, let us know the items you want, and we will follow up with a direct quote of all costs. Delivery fee's start at just $30, and includes filling our truck and trailer.If you're moving and want some help packing, moving boxes, or moving we can supply the help you need. Beginning at $20 an hour, find at your service a general laborer, truck & trailer ready to help move with a smile. Submit information about move-out and/or move-in dates today, or, contact us through our website at:
Phone: 812-327-3801
We provide landscape design and installation services for the greater Bloomington, Indiana area. We provide lawn and garden maintenance services for commercial and residential properties. We also sell locally grown produce and LED grow lighting systems. Some of our services include: - Landscape Design + Build Services - Outdoor Living Space Design - Lawn Mowing, Maintenance and Mulching - Residential and commercial Snow Removal Our products include locally grown produce and micro-greens. We also sell LED lighting solutions that can dramatically cut the cost of home cultivation: up to 90% in some cases!
Phone: 812-339-9970
Established in 1975, Bikesmiths strives to be helpful and sell the best bicycle equipment for reasonable prices while providing excellent service. We stock Cannondale, Giant, and Surly bikes.
Phone: 812-323-1231
I am very happy to begin my affiliation with the REAL ESTATE professionals here at RE/MAX®. I bring three decades of media experience to the job. Since retiring from the U.S. Army as a Master Sergeant I have been an editor, a publisher and a professor of media law. Most recently, for the past ten years, I have served as the Director of the Publications Corporation at the Bloomington Board of Realtors® where I worked with REALTORS® throughout Indiana to assist them in their marketing and promotion efforts. In my newest endeavor, I look forward to providing excellent representation for my own clients here at RE/MAX®. Give me a call today!
Phone: 812-355-7812
Quality medical products
Phone: 812-369-9758
I provide professional photography services to women birthing in the south and central regions of Indiana. My website will soon feature galleries of my recent birth photography work. The images I capture are beautiful and full of emotion. Let me document you and your loved ones as you bring new life into the world. This can include labor and delivery images and high quality video, if desired. Imagine having forever a visual time capsule of the moments when a you meet your baby for the first time, watch your baby learn to latch and make that first moment of eye contact with you. Contact me for more information.
Bishop Accounting Services, LLC
Phone: 812-336-2901
Bivi’s Tamales & Salsa
Phone: 317-345-7125
Authentic Mexican Food by Biviana Torres from Spencer Indiana. Bivis Tamales offers Specialty Tamales, for all appetites including vegetarians and vegans. Available at Bloomington Winter Market and through other local retailers.
Phone: 571-271-6649
Wedding EventProductFashion Nature Photography
Phone: 812-327-9330
Does your lawn make you yawn? Or is it simply gone? Does the walk to your front door feel like a march through a wasteland? The answer is simple: Call BLAKES LAWN CARE right now! With our professionalism, 10 years of experience and dedication to customer service, you cant go wrong.Nothing is more beautiful than a lush, vibrant, green lawn. Rich emerald grass not only adds value to your home and beautifies your living space — it provides frolicking space for your pets and children. To preserve the loveliness of your lawn, it is vital to have proper maintenance by the professionals of BLAKES LAWN CARE. * Professional & Experienced for All of Your Lawn Maintenance Needs * Residential and Commercial * Locally Owned & Operated * Free Estimates and Consultation * Insured * Senior Discount — Call for Details
Phone: 812-339-0263
special event decorating, entertainment, deliveries, centerpeices, weddings
Phone: 812-824-2673
Add beauty and value to your home with quality blinds from Hunter Douglas and Lafayette Interior Products. Outstanding selection of products including wood blinds, faux wood, cellular, miniblinds, roller shades, roman shades and shutters. Lower priced brands also available.FREE ESTIMATES, plus select products from the comfort of your home. We bring the showroom to you!
Phone: 812-325-4209
Hello! My name is Lindsey Maxwell and I am a certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator. I was trained through DONA International as a birth and postpartum doula in 2010. Over the next two years, I became certified as a birth and postpartum doula as well as a lactation specialist through Lactation Education Consultants (LEC). I am a Lamaze certified childbirth educator and offer in-home consultations as well as group childbirth/postpartum classes at BABS. In the past four years, I've worked with over 50 families and feel I have learned something new from each of them. As a birth doula, I have experience in hospital settings with VBACs, clients on bed rest, prematurity, medicated births, and cesarean birth. I am very interested in providing doula support at home births as well. As a postpartum doula, I have experience with singletons, twins, families with older children, and bottlefed and breastfed babies. I also love to provide babywearing education to new and expectant parents and caregivers!
Phone: 812-323-8959
Bloom Magazine is an award-winning magazine that covers culture and lifestyle topics for Bloomington, Indiana, and the surrounding area. The print version is published bimonthly, but you can access its website,, anytime. New online content, including videos, photos, recipes, contests, and archived stories, is posted every business day. also has the most inclusive events calendar in Bloomington and a comprehensive "Dining Out" guide of local restaurants.Bloom Magazine values high-quality production, exquisite graphic design and photography, and writing that is sharp, knowing, and entertaining. Each issue contains thought-provoking, relevant editorial about the area's people, arts, culture, entertainment, homes, gardens, food, wine, health, fitness, and family life. Bloom is an independent, free magazine whose target audience is the city's working and retired adult population, as well as visitors to our region. You can find a print version of the magazine at these locations:
Phone: 317-690-9381
Blooming Branch Green Events is an environmentally friendly event planning company serving Central Indiana. We offer full service event planning and work with you to design your event from the ground up using the most environmentally responsible means possible. We handle recycling. We compost. We help you minimize waste. We connect conscious consumers like you with the best environmentally responsible local businesses to stage extraordinary events…extraordinary “green” events.
Blooming Skin Care and Acne Clinic
Phone: 8123396945
Specializing in Acne Treatments and customized skin care for all ages!
Phone: 812-336-5400
Bloomingfoods is a member-owned grocery providing Southern Indiana with healthful, high quality, and environmentally sound products at a fair price. We promote locally grown, nutritious, and non-chemically produced foods. We emphasize consumer education, community involvement, and excellent customer service.
Phone: 812-336-5300
Bloomingfoods is a member-owned grocery providing Southern Indiana with healthful, high quality, and environmentally sound products at a fair price. We promote locally grown, nutritious, and non-chemically produced foods. We emphasize consumer education, community involvement, and excellent customer service.
The Bloomington Area Arts Council supports public participation in the arts by developing, strengthening, and promoting the cultural resources of Bloomington and Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe and Owen Counties.
Phone: 812-337-8121
Bloomington Area Birth Services is a non-profit organization focused on childbirth and postpartum issues. We offer childbirth education, prenatal & postnatal yoga and exercise, breastfeeding support, parent-baby playtime, sales of books, nursing bras, and baby slings. We also have support groups and provide information about doulas and midwives. We are here to help you make the most of your pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and early parenting experience. We work to create community, helping you to find the support you need to make the best decisions for yourself in the childbearing year and through your early parenting experience.
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Phone: 812-337-1282
Our SchoolBloomington ATA Martial Arts Academy is a family owned and operated martial arts school that specializes in giving each member of the family a place where they can grow individually while keeping family bonds strong. Our Training Programs are specially designed for each and every member of the family from 18 months to 80+.Our purpose is to empower all who desire to accomplish their goals by enabling each to achieve his or her potential. Our mission is to serve our members, their families, and our community by utilizing all of our skills and talents to help you or your child develop himself or herself in a healthy and progressive manor.The GoalsOur number one goal is that each of our students achieve their personal goals. For the fitness client these goals are very individual. Our trained staff can help you identify and achieve your goals. For the Martial Arts Student it usually means achieving their Black Belt! Our entire program is designed so that our students can and will achieve their personal best and earn this “very special” rank. They can defend themselves with great skill but, more importantly they know how to avoid negative situations before the use of physical force is required. They continue to improve their abilities and knowledge. They have also developed the indomitable spirit to accomplish anything. They know how to set and achieve goals. They have become good students and leaders. They know when to follow and when to lead. They can work as a team while succeeding as individuals. They win with integrity and humility. They know that failure is just a stepping stone to success. They can focus on a specific while at the same time be aware of their surroundings. They are self-disciplined in a healthy way. They are self-confident in a positive manner. They are their best today knowing they will be even better tomorrow!The Martial Arts is a tremendous tool for training, changing and developing self control in yourself or your children. We believe the highest goal of the true Martial Artist is to stop the fight before it begins. Teaching students how to be self-disciplined, self-controlled, self-confident and giving them the skills to defend themselves both physically and mentally are the best weapons against violence. Everyone, especially children, should learn and practice these skills. Through many years of development our programs are designed to specifically integrate “principle based” personal life-skills lessons into our Martial Arts training. These skills empowers one to become and achieve all they choice to be and do. This is especially important in helping children develop into healthy, happy and productive adults.
Phone: 812-337-1282
Bloomington ATA Martial Arts Academy is a family owned and operated martial arts school that specializes in giving each member of the family a place where they can grow individually while keeping family bonds strong. Our Training Programs are specially designed for each and every member of the family from 18 months to 80+.Our purpose is to empower all who desire to accomplish their goals by enabling each to achieve his or her potential. Our mission is to serve our members, their families, and our community by utilizing all of our skills and talents to help you or your child develop himself or herself in a healthy and progressive manor.
Phone: 812-333-1103
Bloomignton Auto Reconditioning family owned for over 30 years! We take great pride in our work!Here are some of the Auto Detailing Packages we offer!Hand Wash and VacuumExpress PackagesInterior PackageOzone TreatmentsExterior PackageHeadlight RestorationComplete DetailFree Pick Up and Delivery in Bloomington City Limits with our Complete Detail Package!Fully InsuredCommercial Accounts WelcomeCall and make your appointment today!
Phone: 812-332-4166
Adults, Children and Walk-Ins Welcome.
Phone: 812-339-1301
Chartered in 1947, the Bloomington Board of REALTORS® maintains affiliations with the National and Indiana Associations of REALTORS®, and the many institutes, societies and councils that offer professional accreditation to its members. The Board and its members maintain at the core of their activities the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, the first of its kind among professional trade associations. Bloomington Board of REALTORS® includes nearly 400 REALTOR® members, including real estate brokers, agents, and appraisers, and another 50 affiliate members who provide services to the real estate community. Bloomington Board of REALTORS® is the sole shareholder of its two subsidiary companies, Bloomington MLS, Inc. and BBOR Publications, Inc.
Phone: 812-325-5961
A group of local musicians, patterned after a British brass band. We play symphonic and popular music band music at a wide variety of community events.To request an appearance at your event, or to join this group, please contact us today.
Phone: 734-717-1418
The Bujinkan Martial Arts were developed by the legendary ninja and samurai of Japan, The Bujinkan continues on in the 21st Century under the guidance of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, thirty-fourth Grandmaster of Togakure Ryu Ninpo.The International Bujinkan Dojo is led by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, who lives and trains in Noda City, Japan. He actively teaches at the Budokan in Tokyo and at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Noda. Hatsumi Sensei is recognized as one of the premiere martial artists of today and is well known throughout the world.Hatsumi Sensei's organization is called "Bujinkan Dojo" (The Divine Warrior God's Place for Training). The name of our style is now generally known as "Budo Taijutsu." Budo Taijutsu is a traditional Japanese kobudo martial art with a history that spans well over a thousand years.The Bloomington Bujinkan Dojo's main focus is to accurately convey the teachings of Masaaki Hatsumi - 34th Grandmaster of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu. Training is led by Lance Garrison, Shodan.
Phone: 812-332-0845
We are a non-denominational organization providing free para-professional counseling; individual counseling, support groups, educational seminars,and work shops in the following areas: abuse(drug, alcohol, sexual, emotional, spiritual) divorce, co-dependency, martial, parenting, grief(loss of child, family member, job loss, illness, etc),self-esteem, and depression. We also provide Bible studies,and prayer groups. We provide out reach services to the women of the Monroe County Corrections Facility; weekly Bible studies, support groups, drug/alcohol educational programs, transitionalplacement assistance,and an ongoing 12step program.We are funded completely by donations from individuals, local churches,community and area businesses. We are staffed by volunteers from a wide variety of church affiliations.
Phone: 812-327-3869
-Full Service Cleaning-Apartments, Condo's, Homes, etc,.-Business Office and Commercial Cleaning-Janitorial Services-Carpet Cleaning-Cleaning after the party, real estate preps, foreclosure cleansFor an Extreme Clean, Call Bloomington Clean Today! 812.327.3869
Phone: 812-327-3869
Bloomington Clean is a cleaning service from Bloomington, IN. We do apartment cleaning/turn-overs, cleaning of offices, cleaning of real estate for sale, foreclosure clean-ups, and bank owned properties as well. Call (812) 327-3869 for a quote.
Phone: 812-332-6861
We are an all-adult volunteer concert band with membership ranging from 50 to 60 in number, and 18 to 80 years in age. We play an average of 20 concerts per year at many civic events and public gatherings in Monroe County and the surrounding areas. The band is conducted by interim director Joe Car. New members are always welcome! Anyone interested in playing with the group is encouraged to contact Karen Smith at 208 602 1643. No auditions are required. Rehearsals are on Monday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at St. Thomas Lutheran Church, 3800 E. Third St.
Imagine a public fruit orchard for everyone to enjoy! Be part of this visionary project! Help plan, plant, maintain, and (eventually) harvest Bloomington's first Community Orchard.The orchard will contribute to Bloomingtons food security, inspire joyful community engagement, and educate citizens while making sustainability delicious.
Phone: 812-323-1530
Smiles come standard with every visit to Bloomington Dental Group! We believe in excellence and want to give you the finest, safest, most comfortable care by offering Family Dentistry in a warm, welcoming environment. You'll find us in the old Furr building just east of the Twin Lakes Recreational Center, where we offer digital radiography, soft tissue laser treatments and same-day crowns, using a state-of-the-art crown milling unit. Dr. Howder is a graduate of the Indiana School of Dentistry, an active member of the American Dental Association and the Indiana Dental Association and the Bloomington Dental Society. Dr. Howder calls Bloomington home so he's thrilled to bring superior care home with him! Call us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment; you can also visit our website to learn more and to contact us. We look forward to meeting you!
Phone: 812-336-6600
BDLC provides an educational, child-centered, family-oriented, multicultural child-care program. The Center's goal is to encourage each child to develop his or her unique potential.
Phone: 812-336-9100
Since 1982, we have successfully trained over 10,000 students. Our methods prepare drivers to have as their personal goal a lifetime of collision-free driving built upon one safe trip after another.
Phone: 812-331-1263
The Bloomington Early Music Festival encourages and celebrates historically informed performance with an annual festival, seasonal concerts, numerous educational events in the immediate regions, and by committed support for emerging performing artists.
Bloomington Family Wellness
Phone: 812-585-3685
Bloomington Family Wellness is your premier location for massage therapy, doula support, placenta encapsulation, and education services.
Phone: 812-330-0399
Intuitive bodywork. Intense relaxation and renewal are yours. Schedule a session today.
This is our 10th Marathon, and although we have raised nearly $350,000 in the past 8 years, we still believe we can do more to support the miracles at Riley! We have nearly 200 students helping organize our marathon, and we are led by our group of 16 seniors who meet throughout the year to plan events to fundraise for Riley and coordinate the day of the Marathon!From 6 pm - midnight on April 11th, we hope to have 1,200 students from South and other area high schools commit to stand for those who can't. We will dance, play games, listen to music, eat some great food, but most importantly, we will spend time with our Riley families and share their stories.Since our humble beginning, we have had so many high-achieving fundraisers that we wanted to recognize them somehow. In 2014, we added Miracle Maker hours for dancers who raise $250 or more. From 2-5 pm on April 11th, Miracle Makers get to spend more time getting to know the Riley kids, siblings, and families while doing special activities with the kids. We know that requests for donations never seem to end, but we hope you will share our passion for the miracles that happen at Riley every day and support Bloomington South's Dance Marathon . . . It's For the Kids!
Phone: 812-558-5001
Bloomington Home Care Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional, dependable in-home care, also offering home management, maintenance & concierge services. Enabling our clients to live happier, healthier lives at home, our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in home care. .
Phone: 812-353-6821
For more than 100 years, the community has supported Bloomington Hospital, and in turn the hospital has supported its community with quality medical care, wellness programs and vital health care services. As the non-profit community hospital for Monroe County and surrounding areas, Bloomington Hospital embraces its role as the health care provider of choice for south central Indiana.
Phone: 812-353-9818
Home HealthWe feel it is a privilege to visit patients in their home and honor that trust by delivering exceptional, compassionate care. HospiceBloomington Hospital Home Health and Hospice will walk by your side on this journey to help the patient achieve the highest possible level of physical comfort, meaningfulness, and peace of mindHome Medical EquipmentReturning home after hospitalization is hectic enough without having to figure out how to purchase home medical equipment, like a wheelchair or oxygen system. Bloomington Hospital partners with HLS Home Medical Equipment to offer home medical equipment for our patients.
Phone: 812-339-3491
The Bloomington Housing Authority (BHA) administers several affordable housing programs including Public Housing and Section 8. Hours M-F 8am-4pm except Wed closes at noon.Their website has application forms and detailed information.
Bloomington in Bloom is a city-wide initiative encouraging community members to play a role in making Bloomington a better place to live, work and visit. We are encouraging individuals and groups to recycle, plant trees, volunteer, display flowers, compost, pick up litter, remove graffiti, garden - because beautifying Bloomington starts with you!Bloomington will compete against other cities with a population between 50,001 and 100,000, as part of the The America in Bloom competiton. Winning such an event will bring a great deal of recognition to our great city, which is important to economic and cultural development.Participating in the planning provides many benefits including:• improved quality of life• enjoyable results• greater community involvement• recognition for volunteer efforts• inspired imaginations• beautified spaces• educational opportunities• shared ideas• new friendshipsAlthough it is not necessary to register to view a wealth of information on our site, we hope that you will want to participate in our forum and possilby receive email updates of upcoming events. Communication is a very important to the success of a project and this is a great way for us to communicate with the community and for you to share your thoughts and ideas. Community involvement starts with communication.
Phone: 812-333-8099
The The Bloomington Independent Restaurant Association s mission is to cooperatively support, promote and unify locally owned and operated restaurants in the Bloomington community by providing unique dining experiences and events for its patrons and the community, all while increasing the visibility and viability of locally owned restaurants. s mission is to cooperatively support, promote and unify locally owned and operated restaurants in the Bloomington community by providing unique dining experiences and events for its patrons and the community, all while increasing the visibility and viability of locally owned restaurants.
Phone: 812-618-2211
Bloomington Locksmith provides home lockout services to the Bloomington Indiana area.
Phone: 812-333-4917
Our scheduling service is secure and will keep your information private.dIf you're suffering from a stiff neck, headache, shoulder pain, or are simply looking to unwind, our therapists are skilled and experienced in pain management as well as stress reduction. We work with athletes preparing for and recovering from competition in addition to clients with a wide range of medical conditions. We offer a variety of styles and techniques including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage and more. Certified, licensed, and insured therapists. Our rates start at $35 for 30 minutes, with discounts for IU and Ivy Tech students, and active military personnel and spouse. Same Day Appointments 7 Days a Week. Open most holidays. Serving the Bloomington area since 1997.
Phone: 812-339-4221
We have 400 total storage units of various size. Climate control is available. Commercial storefront rental space,residential rental houses, and commercial garages are available.
Phone: 812-336-2800
Bloomington Montessori School is a privately funded, not-for-profit school for children ages 3 to 12, preschool through Grade 6. The school was founded in 1968, by a group of parents who wanted Montessori education for their children. The school moved to its present location in 1983 and was expanded in 2004. The building was specially designed to suit the needs of children learning in a Montessori environment. The school has been a member of the American Montessori Society since 1971. Classrooms are headed by certified Montessori teachers.
Phone: 812-327-9426
Katya Faris teaches beginner-professional how to Bellydance! She is an accomplished performer and teacher of 15 years, and focuses on Egyptian Raqs Sharki, Turkish Orientale, and American Cabaret styles. Instruction is currently at the Windfall Dance Studio, Classes are taught in 4 wk. sessions, and are $55/month prepaid. Level 1, Tuesdays at 6:45, and Level 2, Sundays at 3pm. To register for Level 1, contact Windfall; to register for Level 2,
Phone: 812-333-1206
Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractic care is used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.Doctors of Chiropractic often referred to as chiropractors or chiropractic physicians practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractors have broad diagnostic skills and are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.
Phone: 812-330-2480
The major focus of teaching and learning at BNTHS will be Project-Based Learning (PBL). Project-based learning brings together intellectual inquiry, rigorous real-world standards and student engagement in relevant and meaningful work. Many schools offer project-based learning experience for their students, but BNTHS is unique because students are thoroughly immersed in it.
Phone: 812-287-7523
Bloomington Newcomers Club is a social organization founded to give people new to the area the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with others who are also new. Through general meetings, interest groups, excursions, special social events, and other activities, the club encourages members to learn more about Bloomington and develop long-lasting relationships with others with mutual interests.The club has a wide variety of interest groups. For game players there are multiple Bridge groups as well as Mah-jongg and Bunco groups. The "Out & About" group leads visits to local places of interest. The "Showtime" group attends many of Bloomington's rich local performances and sporting events. There are 3 Book Clubs and a group that explores International Issues. Members meet each other at monthly "Getting to Know You" dinners, potlucks, "TGIF" nights, Wine Tasting, and Dining Out experiences. Newcomer men enjoy weekly Men's Breakfasts and Golf outings. Other members participate in Garden and Needlework projects and a monthly Book Exchange. We are always open to new group ideas as well.Individuals living in the Bloomington area for five years or less are welcome to join the club. Annual dues for a family in one household are $20. General meetings with local speakers are normally held the second Tuesday of the month. Our primary means of communication is a monthly newsletter with a calendar and full listings of interest group events, which can be found at our website: We also have an active Facebook page: Come join us!
Phone: 812-391-0716
Conducting Paranormal investigation of residences and Buisness's here with the Area
Phone: 812-320-3375
The Bloomington Photography Club of Bloomington, Indiana, consists of photographers of all skill levels from novice to professional. Members range widely in background, age and areas of interest. Membership in the club is open to anyone. Most members use 35mm SLR cameras, with a growing number also using digital cameras. Others use point & shoot, rangefinder, medium format and pinhole cameras. They use various image finishing techniques with a significant number now using computer programs and ink jet printers. However, to find a place in the club, it is not even necessary to own a camera, just to have an interest in photography. Currently, we have about 140 members.
Phone: 812-334-1188
The Bloomington Playwrights Project is a vibrant, successful not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to the furthering of new original plays and theatre. We produce wonderful, original shows, hold playwriting contests and act as a valuable resource for the entire community by offering innovative programs and classes.
Phone: 812-339-0199
We have been serving the Southern Indiana area since 1987, with the best motorcycle and ATV service available in our region. We ride them as well as sell them. Everyone of our well-trained staff is a motorcycle enthusiast and many of us race these bikes ourselves. We are also very proud of our high motorcycle dealer ranking in the State of Indiana. It is all about performance and our bikes and ATVs have proven their durability and value time and time again. When it comes to the products we sell we can fix any problem you tell us about. Because we value our customers' needs, we will go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied when you walk out our door. We want you to keep coming back time and time again. We are a family owned and operated motorcycle dealership and we love the products and know you will too. The time is right for Southern Indiana to have a dealership with stronger on-line capabilities, and we want to be the first dealer you think of when shopping for a bike or ATV. Remember, Bloomington Power Sports is your motorcycle and ATV headquarters.
Phone: 812-336-0909
This 11 acre historic farmstead on East Tenth Street is being developed into a museum and educational community center. It is now also the new, permanent location for the organization's offices. Full restoration of the buildings is planned. Programming will include site and farming history, landscape, gardening and historic preservation instruction and re-use, and special events related to the diversity of the farmstead. History about the site, updates on current activities, and more information about the organization's other missions can be found on the web site.
Bloomington Salt Cave
Phone: 812-339-2805
Cultivate your health! Halotherapy has been helping people from all over the world breathe better and feel better. Medically recognized in Europe for over 50 years. Helps reduce symptoms and manage Asthma, Allergies, Stress, COPD. and is a complementary treatment to add to your existing wellness practice. Deeply relaxing and beautiful environment, just take your shoes off, lay back, a breathe the salt infused air.
RN oversight. Helping seniors find alternatives so their highest level of independence is achieved! 30 min needs assessment free!I can help you streamline:Medication safety and deliveryFall AssessmentIn Home SafetyTransportationMeal deliveryLibrary ServicesServices for the sight impairedBill payingDelivery of personal itemsEscort to eventsEscort by airplaneDr. AppointmentsHealth Care POA
Phone: 800-589-6004
Many large companies simply can't offer the level of service that we do. Bloomington Shuttle & Signature Limousine is not the biggest, and in fact, we don't want to be. Even some small companies make claims of large fleets that simply don't exist. When they overbook, they retain other company's services, and never tell you, leaving you at risk. Our specialty is moving your group with discriminating tastes in a way other companies simply can't compete with.
Phone: 812-824-2480
Self StorageUnits 5 x 10 10 x 10 10 x 15
Phone: 812-606-8558
Bloomington Staging is a full service company designed to make your home look its best. Staging is interior design simplified. Whether you are planning on selling your home, downsizing into a new space or just need help making your home a more pleasant place to live, Bloomington Staging can help.
Phone: 812-331-1335
The Bloomington Sunrise Rotary Club was founded on June 2, 1999. As a relatively new club, we are always seeking prospective Rotarians to help our club grow and share the spirit of Rotary both locally and around the world.Please join us for one of our weekly meetings. We meet Wednesday mornings at 7:00 am in the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Bloomington. I can assure you that the breakfast buffet is abundant and delicious. Our meetings include speakers who enlighten us on local businesses, organizations and events. We strive to adjourn by 8:00 am to allow our members and guest to begin their workday. You will find our programs entertaining as well as instructive.
Phone: 812-336-7433
Offers bus transportation throughout town including specialized services through "BT ACCESS" for those who need accessible transportation.
Phone: 812-828-9855
Automotive Transmission Repair and Rebuilding..4 Wheel Drive Repair and Transfer Case Repair..Axles and All Drivetrain
Phone: 812-269-2380
Bloomington Tutors specializes in tutoring for finite math, calculus, statistics, and more at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Our tutors will meet you on campus at a time that is convenient for you. Get started today!
Phone: 812-336-6916
United Arts Academy is a Christian based academy with an emphasis on family values in our choice of music, choreography, and costumes.We offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Irish Step, Gymnastics, Zumba, and Self-Defense.
BWS meets the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. After a short business meeting, members enjoy a demo and time to paint. (There are no Monday meetings in December, July, or August; however, other activities are scheduled.) Our mission of BWS is to promote a growing relationship with artists, encourage one another , and provide opportunities for promoting and exhibiting our watercolor paintings in the community.
Phone: 812-876-1424
Bloomington West Lions Club meets at 5:30 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays at American Legion Post 18, 1800 W. Third St.
The Bloomington Winter Farmers Market exists to extend the farmers' market season and increase the availability of fresh produce and other local products throughout the four seasons of the year.We seek to encourage direct contact between producer and consumer and increase understanding of local food economy issues. We strive to produce and provide the greatest possible varieties of local foods while working together in a cooperative atmosphere to insure the success of the market. The BWFM is now a registered non-profit organization with the support of the Center for Sustainable Living. The Bloomington Winter Farmers Market is a great opportunity to buy directly from local growers during the winter months. Our cozy indoor market features local products, live music, and a wonderful community. Join us for breakfast and buy local produce, meats, baked goods, dairy, and more! We are now accepting EBT/SNAP Benefits!
Phone: 812-323-3020
Your gateway to arts events
Tribal Art & Crafts from around the world
Bluestone Tree
Phone: 812-824-3335
Phone: 812-825-7979
Note: Dated info./ks 12.07.2010FBO Services At BMG Aviation, you will be greeted by a friendly professional staff to meet your every need. Conveniently located in Southern Indiana, BMG offers easy arrivals and departures with a control tower, ILS, GPS, and VOR approaches. Experience the best FBO service in the state. Covered sidewalks and professional landscaping pave the way to a 5,000 sq ft facility. Our spacious lobby can accommodate over 60 passengers. Located adjacent to the lobby is a recreational room with ping pong table. The large private lounge for pilots has many amenities including wireless Internet, computer, cable TV, leather couches and recliners. These help make the pilots stay relaxing and enjoyable. Meeting rooms are also available for crew and passenger/client use. Professional custom catering will be delivered upon request. Courtesy crew cars and Enterprise rentals are conveniently located onsite and may be delivered right to the aircraft when requested. Hangar space is available to accommodate most size aircraft up thru small business jets. Four refueling trucks are standing by to ensure you get the quickest turn possible. Our maintenance hangar is staffed daily and has experience repairing everything from J3 Cubs to small jets. For your convenience is a modular home. A two bedroom floor plan with private baths, fully stocked kitchen, washer, dryer, phone, internet computer, cable TV, and living room. Recently featured in "Private Pilot Magazine". Our extensive line service technician training programs include Texaco, NATA Safety 1st, and meets the requirements for NFPA 407 Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing, and FSAT 03-01 FAA Approved Deicing. With over 40 years aviation experience the staff at BMG are always cheerful and ready to help you with any request. Allow BMG to help make your visit to Bloomington a success.
Phone: 812-336-2423
The Bloomington One chapter of BNI is the original BNI group for Bloomington, Indiana. We are an active, dynamic group devoted to business networking the BNI way. Bloomington One has members from all over south-central Indiana who get together each week for business networking, sharing leads, referrals, and good times. We meet on Thursdays, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at Uptown Cafe.
Welcome to the The Hoosier Success Chapter of BNI. This chapter was formed in 2004, and continues to meet every Tuesday morning, 7:30 am, at KRC Catering located at 216 S College Ave in Bloomington, IN.BNI provides a structured and supportive system of giving and receiving business. It does so by providing an environment in which you will develop personal relationships with dozens of other qualified business professionals. By establishing this "formal" relationship with other people, you will have the opportunity to substantially increase your business.Some of the benefits: * Increased exposure to many other people and businesses. * Substantially increased business through referrals. * Participation in up to 52 networking meetings per year. * Quarterly newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking, and business. * Participation in business tradeshows (where you'll have an opportunity to market your chapter and your business). * Free periodic workshops on networking. * And much, much more!!!Find out more about our individual members as well as our chapter by exploring the links provided in the menu to the right.
Phone: 812-336-2075
Welcome to Bob Jones Radiator Repair! Since 1962, we've been offering excellent automotive radiator services to the Bloomington, Indiana, region.Some of the services we provide include the following: * Auto and Truck - Radiator * Heater * Air Conditioning * Service * Sales * InstallationWe've built an outstanding reputation over the past four decades for high-quality service, low prices and terrific customer service. Bob Jones Radiator Repair is a family-owned and operated business passed down through generations. We are fully vested in our automotive shop, and we are committed to preserving its success by always putting our customers first.Call or visit our shop today! We look forward to working for you.
Phone: 812-325-4554
Body Balance provides therapeutic massage from State Certified massage therapist, Lisa Spencer. We feature hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, raindrop technique, and relaxation adaptive massage (tailored to your body's needs and your touch). Lisa helps facilitate relief from many types of soreness as you bring your body into balance structurally and energetically. Experience mental and physical relaxation enhanced by therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils if you choose. Also recommended are "Lisa's List of Good Things"-supplements and products that she uses personally for feeling good and looking your best.
Providing nutrition, cancer prevention and disease prevention education.
Phone: 812-334-7658
Located on the corner of 4th and Rogers, we specialize in both Men's and Women's Haircuts, Color, Hilites, and Formal Styles.
Bounds Flooring Inc.
Phone: (812) 332-6555
Phone: 812-332-5311
Opportunity, it is the cornerstone to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington. Our programs provide an array of choices, meeting the needs of any child in this community.Take advantage of our after-school program and your child can receive help with homework, join the Aviation Club, lead our Torch Club, or build a relationship with a new friend. Sign-up for Camp Rock, our summer day camp, and enjoy a fun-filled day at our lake-side facility on Lake Lemon, as you fish, swim, canoe, and enjoy the great outdoors. Register for our volleyball program and develop a new found love for this popular sport. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington are about opportunity - opportunity for ALL children within this community. With three Clubs to serve our youth, we provide safe, well supervised, and comprehensive programming that is accessible to all. Come see what the Clubs have to offer and know that we take great pride in seeing that all kids have the opportunity to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.
Phone: 812-935-6970
The newest Club within the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington family, the Ellettsville Boys and Girls Club, opened its doors in April 2009. Located in Eagles Landing, the old Ellettsville Elementary School on Association Street, the Club is fulfilling a need within the Ellettsville community, providing opportunities for its 280 members to become caring, productive, and responsible citizens. Donate, or volunteer your time and make a difference in the lives of the youth we serve.
Phone: 812-824-4711
Phone: 812-360-4844
Why settle for a pushy salesman that is only interested in his next commission? In a complex, technical process, you need to work with an agent who understands how all the pieces fit together. We understand how to guide clients through the maze and protect our clients' interests, not our own.We also provide the best property management service in town, with many satisfied property owners who know the Peace of Mind from working with us. Our clients get the respect they deserve and their properties get the attention they need. Call us today for a free consultation.
Phone: 812-214-5745
I am a local photographer to the Bloomington, Indiana area and a Graduate Student pursuing my degree in Photography. My services include:PortraitHead shots for Performers and Corporate ClientsArt for Commerce High School PortraitureLandscapeFine Art If you would like creative work done give me a call. Consultation is always free and I am always looking to collaborate with fellow artists or businesses to help make their visions a reality.
Phone: 812-334-3084
My job is to listen, so that I can better understand what you’re looking for and use my decades of experience here in Bloomington to sort through the mind-numbing mass of listings and show you homes you’ll like . . .then assist you in making some intelligent decisions about your options.
Phone: 812-335-1770
Local and Residential, business, commercial, and multi-family sale, installation and service
Phone: 812-330-7731
The Monroe County Community School Corporation Adult Education program offers individualized instruction and guidance to teen and adult learners who seek to improve basic skills or learn new ones to create better opportunities for themselves and their families. By bridging past educational experiences and future educational success, we increase literacy and promote lifelong learning through a student-directed approach, in partnership with caring and professional teachers.
Phone: 812-325-4617
Brooke Yarber Photography offers professional Wedding and Commitment Ceremony photography as well as Family, Couple, Maternity, Baby and Senior Portraits.
Brothers ultimate mission is to provide a comprehensive entertainment venue, with an emphasis on fun, safety, and cleanliness. We will provide great service to our customers through a well trained and caring staff that pledges to get it right. We will strive to lead, not follow, and be better than we were the day before.
Brothers On 39
Phone: (765) 913-4077
Phone: 812-829-1186
Rustic Elegance is a newly constructed 4 bedroom home on a lovely 4 acre wooded hilltop. The front door opens to southerly panoramic view of scenic Schooner Valley. Lush wooded hills surrounding all other sides create quiet privacy. Will accomodate 2 to 10 people.Cozy Bear Log Cabin is located on St. Rd. 46 between Nashville and Bloomington. Easy to find and a quick trip to great restaurants near the campus of Indiana University or Little Nashville. 3 bedrooms, will accomodate 2 to 6 people.
Phone: 812-336-7433
BT Access operates year round for persons with disabilities who cannot use the existing "fixed route" bus system to move about within the city limits. Their vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts.Eligibility to use BT Access may be granted on a full or conditional basis depending on the person's ability to use regular fixed route bus service. Those persons who receive full eligibility status may use BT Access for all trips within the service area during days and hours that service operates. Conditional eligibility may be granted to persons who under certain conditions may be able to use regular fixed route service. Persons with conditional eligibility may use BT Access when their disability prevents them from using the regular fixed route service. All persons granted full or conditional eligibility for BT Access are subject to periodic recertification of their eligibility status. Such recertification shall generally be done every 1-3 years.
Phone: 888-758-2678
~ A Catered Fitness Experience ~Tired of impersonal, intimidating, and unwelcoming gyms? Come to your local Btown Gym and experience VIP, red carpet treatment that will leave you feeling like royalty! We offer public gym access with a friendly environment and caring, elite level personal coaching.
Phone: 812-331-1234
Located behind CVS & next to Starbucks at College Mall, Bucceto's Smiling Teeth Pizza & Pasta Restaurants have been offering Bloomington award-winning California-style pizzas, pastas, Italian chicken dinners, vegetarian dishes, calzones, sandwiches, salads, and beer & wine since 2004. The casual yet stylish atmosphere is perfect for dates or the entire family or team. All locations also offer carryout, delivery and catering.So, you ask... what's the deal with the "Smiling Teeth?" Bucceto's feels that when you eat at one of their restaurants, each of your teeth will be happier than they have ever been before. The two Bucceto's locations - East 3rd & 45-46 Bypass (behind CVS & next to Starbucks) and West 3rd & Liberty (in front of Kroger and next to Brewsters)- are sister stores of Indianapolis-based Puccini's Smiling Teeth and were recently voted "Best Restaurant" by the Indiana Daily Student newspaper as well as the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Indiana University department of athletics is truly appreciative of its partnership with Bucceto s. Our strong relationship is mutually beneficial for both parties, and perhaps the best indication of Bucceto s tangible and avid support of our program is the array of IU posters and promotional pieces that greet customers when they walk in the door of their Bloomington locations. To us, that shows every day how proud Bucceto s and their staff are of our department and what our student-athletes accomplish on the field and in the classroom. We recommend Bucceto s as often as we can to visiting teams, to our coaches for their team functions and summer camps, to anyone that we can and do so with great pride and appreciation, -Tim Fitzpatrick, Deputy Athletic Director at Indiana University.
Phone: 812-323-0123
Located at 3rd & Liberty (in front of Kroger and next to Brewster's), Bucceto's Smiling Teeth Pizza & Pasta Restaurants have been offering Bloomington award-winning California-style pizzas, pastas, Italian chicken dinners, vegetarian dishes, calzones, sandwiches, salads, and beer & wine since 2004. The casual yet stylish atmosphere is perfect for dates or the entire family or team. All locations also offer carryout, delivery and catering.So, you ask... what's the deal with the "Smiling Teeth?" Bucceto's feels that when you eat at one of their restaurants, each of your teeth will be happier than they have ever been before.The two Bucceto's locations - East 3rd & 45-46 Bypass (behind CVS & next to Starbucks) and West 3rd & Liberty (in front of Kroger and next to Brewsters)- - are sister stores of Indianapolis-based Puccini's Smiling Teeth and were recently voted "Best Restaurant" by the Indiana Daily Student newspaper as well as the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Indiana University department of athletics is truly appreciative of its partnership with Bucceto s. Our strong relationship is mutually beneficial for both parties, and perhaps the best indication of Bucceto s tangible and avid support of our program is the array of IU posters and promotional pieces that greet customers when they walk in the door of their Bloomington locations. To us, that shows every day how proud Bucceto s and their staff are of our department and what our student-athletes accomplish on the field and in the classroom. We recommend Bucceto s as often as we can to visiting teams, to our coaches for their team functions and summer camps, to anyone that we can and do so with great pride and appreciation, -Tim Fitzpatrick, Deputy Athletic Director at Indiana University.
Phone: 812-339-1773
A style for every point of view.
Phone: 812-333-3030
Restaurant and Catering
Phone: 812-333-6699
Authorized Star Building Dealer/Contractor
Phone: 317-721-8201
We are a Indiana statewide 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit public charity organization based in that is here to support, and foster, a safer learning environment for students at all grade levels. We seek to ensure that students involved are able to receive the necessary help that is needed. If you are looking for wonderful opportunities to volunteer please contact us as we have numerous volunteer positions that need filled for your area.
Phone: 812-331-6812
BPE features person-to-person networking, guest speakers, and employment information. Job seekers, in addition to learning networking techniques, will also develop referral opportunities, strategies for effective job search and career transition, and community and business-to-business networking. Meeting location is the American Legion every Tuesday morning 8-9 am
Phone: 812-323-3020
The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, formerly the Indiana Theater, is a historic theater in Bloomington, Indiana. Originally built for vaudeville in 1922, it was also used for silent films and became a movie theater. More recently it was renovated for use as a performing arts venue.
Phone: 812-339-7233
Our philosophy has always been to focus on Indiana-grown grapes in the belief that wine is a reflection of the climate, the soil, and the people who grow the grapes.- Jim and Susie Butler
Phone: 812-332-6660
Monday - Saturday: 10 - 6pmSunday: 12- 6 pm
Phone: 812-323-1574
Only an Exclusive Buyers Agency (EBA) can guarantee to represent you in your home home buying.Only an Exclusive Buyers Agency will negotiate on your behalf--always!A buyer brokerage provides the true facts as to value. We do this by pulling comps for the neighborhood you're interested in. Comps are properties that have sold in your area recently.
Phone: 812-336-5904
We all know that children are our future. We need to prepare them for what lies ahead. What better way to do this than by putting your youngsters in a loving daycare? Buzy Beez Daycare is here to provide care and daily learning activities for your child - from ages of infant through 13 years old.While SpongeBob SquarePants is a great show, we believe that your children can benefit more by spending their afternoons in a group with their peers, enriching their minds and improving their social skills. We are state licensed and Path To Quality Level 2 and require NO enrollment fee or book fees.
Phone: 812-334-3255
By Hand Gallery boasts the largest collection of local contemporary crafts in the area. Featuring gold and silver jewelry, hardwood furniture and accessories, pottery, blown glass, hand-woven goods, leather, prints and more. This partnership of crafts people has been together for over 25 years. Hours are Mon. - Sat. 10 am - 5:30 pm.
Phone: 812-332-8030
Bynum Fanyo and Associates, Inc. is an Architectural and Engineering firm located in Bloomington, Indiana. In business since 1982, we offer a full range of Architectural, Engineering, Surveying and Planning services for south central Indiana and beyond. Our professional Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and support staff work in a modern, fully computerized work environment and are able to provide the services needed for your project, large or small.
Phone: 812-340-3802
Professional Landscape Design & InstallationRetaining Walls * Pavers, Sidewalks, Patios * Tree/Shrub Installation * Water Features * Drainage Specialist * Excavation/Finish Grading * Fully Insure * Commercial & Residential
Phone: 812-333-8279
Hip new and vintage clothing.
Phone: 812-339-5284
Campus Costume also provides a huge selection of rental costumes. We are currently working on an online catalog of our rental costumes. Please give us a call and see if we have the costume you're looking for. Prices range from $6.00 to $75.00, with an average cost of $30.00 for the whole costume with accessories.
Phone: 812-339-8831
IU SportswearSouvenirs and Glassware Golf & Ultimate DiscsPhone Cards Greek Apparel And GiftsNovelty Shirts Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery and Much Much More!!!Stop in and we can help you create a custom garment for yourself, a bar-crawl, your team - whatever!
Phone: 812-829-4881
Beautiful scenery, gracious staff and history blend together at Indiana's Oldest State Park to make your visit unforgettable. Whether you are interested in a wedding, reunion, overnight getaway or meal, the Canyon Inn at McCormick's Creek State Park can meet your every need. Enjoy the peaceful calm of the canyon and cliffs. When you are ready for more excitement, Bloomington and Indiana University is just 15 miles east and offers cultural experiences, sporting events and a wide range of dining options.
Phone: 812-339-7865
A full service and family friendly health club featuring the latest, state-of-the-art equipment from Lifefitness, Hammer Strength, and Precor. 40 pieces of cardio including treadmills, ellipticals, Lifecycles, stair climbers, and Precors; 30 pieces of strength equipment; and over 5,000lbs. of free weights - NO WAITING FOR MACHINES!!! We also offer child care, tanning beds, personal training, and FREE equipment training. Monthly dues are only $19.95 a month with NO CONTRACTS!
Phone: 812-336-4564
Cardinal Stage Company is dedicated to the establishment of a professional, not-for-profit theatre company in Bloomington, Indiana. Cardinal produces vital interpretations of established classics and develops ad produces original material of local interest and national importance. Cardinal scouts impassioned and exceptional theater artists and then champions their efforts; Cardinal holds that inspiring work happens when artists lead.Cardinal is committed to the development of local talent through our training and innovative mentoring programs. The company aims to cultivate a lifelong passion for theater in audiences of diverse ages, cultures and economic backgrounds.
Carolyn Rogers Richard
Phone: 812-824-2880
Phone: 812-330-9375
Call me for all your real estate needs.
Phone: 812-849-5100
CARPETS BY DON IS YOUR FULL SERVICE FLOOR SUPPLY DEALER!!!Our specialty is the fact that we display "ALL" our SAMPLES" in your home at no charge to you at your convenience!!! CALL TODAY Our prices are = or lower than all competitors INCLUDING THE BIG BOX STORES. We can have your order complete (installed) in 3-5 days from receiving your order with few exceptions. OUR INSTALLERS ARE "THE BEST".
Phone: 812-961-8831
Cartridge World is your locally owned and operated source for refilled inkjet cartridges and remanufactured laser toner cartridges. All of our products - brand name, compatible, refilled/remanufactured - come with a 100% guarantee. Free delivery to local businesses. Call us for a quote!
Phone: 812-332-7361
Since 1964Certified WBE
Phone: 812-822-0757
Cathy and David will capture the romance of your day and help you to remember it for years to come.Call today! Wedding Packages start at $4000.
Phone: 812-333-7540
Full service Wedding Florist and Professional Bridal Consultant. We create an atmosphere where joy is possible. Wedding and Event Florals, Bridal Coordinating, Invitations, Favors, Exquisite Rentals. Cathy Teeters with 30 years experience, and her talented design team will assist you in all aspects of planning, coordinating, and implementing the Perfect Beautiful Wedding. As a Premiere Florist we offer made to order designs for all occasions. Visit our Studio on the Lake. By Appointment
Phone: 765-342-9812
Cedar Creek Winery is the first winery in Morgan County. Larry and Donell Elsneropened Cedar Creek in October of 2010. The winery is located 2.7 miles east ofMartinsville, Indiana just off SR 252 on Leonard Road. The picturesque,French-European style tasting room was designed by Larry. “Its wine oclocksomewhere,” stop in and see us!
Phone: 812-824-3322
Camping Resort on Lake Monroe
Phone: 812-332-8796
It is the mission of the Center for Sustainable Living to make available information, services, projects and networking opportunities for those interested in exploring ecologically sustainable ways of thinking, living and interacting in our community.
Center For Thriving Relationships
Phone: 812-825-3704
Helping couples transform your issues, deepen your connection, heal from the past, communicate effectively, and create thriving love. Couples counseling, retreats, online courses, and free resources at
Phone: 812-855-2163
As one of seven centers at Indiana University's Institute on Disability and Community, we do research and provide training, assistance and information to individuals, families, professionals and communities. We work in partnership with adults who are aging with disabilities to promote their well-being, community-participation, self-determination and leadership.
Phone: 317-376-9594
We understand the significance and value that special pieces of furniture have to our customers; so you can be sure that any restoration can be trusted in our hands.If you have an emotional attachment to your furniture or know it would be hard to replace with a similar style piece then why not consider refinishing. You'll save around $200 when you repair, refinish or restore that cabinet, bedroom post, dresser, etc., vs buying a new one to take its place. The cost to refinish may be higher if it's an antique, heirloom or high-end piece.
Join Lisa K. Hornibrook, Ph.D., psychologist and Indiana University and Ivy Tech adjunct professor, as she explores "Marriage & Family Therapy from Theory to Practice" at a FREE Breakfast Learning Series hosted by Centerstone and Ivy Tech's Dept. of Social and Behavioral Sciences on Friday, April 20, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Ivy Tech's Bloomington campus.
Phone: 812-336-7777
Century Suites is Bloomington's premier all-suite hotel. There are 21 suites with spacious one and two bedroom, beautifully decorated villa-style suites. Each is equipped with kitchenettes and queen-size sofa sleepers. Fireplace, large whirlpool tubs, and 42" flat screen televisions are available in select rooms. A valid credit card is required for all reservations. Our check-in facility is open twenty-four hours every day of the year. Our Gazebo is rentable for weddings and other events.