Jim Doering has been working with wood for the past 40 years. From his very first project, a mahogany shelf he made for a high school shop, he realized he had both a talent and a love for this time-honored craft.Over the years, he has created many items for family and friends, ranging from coffee tables, rocking chairs, crown moldings and trim for rooms, and more, all while developing Doering Consulting, a successful computer consulting business.Woodworking continues to be a passion for Jim, and as he enters a new phase in his life, he is now able to offer his talents to a discerning, high-end clientele, who can appreciate (and afford) the services of a skillful and experienced high-end craftsman.As his tagline suggests, he is not in the market to mass produce cheap, disposable items, but rather to create fine, detailed pieces that he can enjoy making, and you can enjoy owning.Please visit the gallery here to see examples of his work.
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Hoosier Woodworks
Hoosier Works is a small, one-man shop that specializes in unique home improvement and woodworking projects.