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DicomHub is a Bloomington based company. It allows the web based archiving and secure dissemination of radiological studies across PACS systems. Radiological providers, hospitals and doctor-based MRIs and CAT scans, can upload the images on BENEFITS: Your radiological studies are stored on a secure HIPAA compliant facility, giving you control over your radiology related health record. You can make your studies available to healthcare providers for interpretation, without having to gransport CDs. These efficiencies eliminate unnecessary exposure to radiation by duplicating exams.PROVIDER BENEFITS: Access patients studies anytime and anywhere internet is available. Immediately assess the severity of the patients ailment on smart phones. Never worry about receiving incompatible CDs again. Save time by accessing the study in the exam room with the patient. Only remember one login and password to access all your studies. We need to ask the radiology centers in our community to use in order to facilitate and improve patient care.COMING SOON: DICOMHUB WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PATIENT/PUBLIC PURCHASE. RECOGNIZE COST SAVINGS AND CONTINUITY OF CARE BY HAVING YOUR RADIOLOGICAL HISTORY STORED IN ONE PLACE AND ACCESSIBLE THROUGH THE INTERNET TO ANY PROVIDER YOU GIVE PERMISSION TO!
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Attend a FREE educational session about dialysis treatment options, and get the support you and your family need. At Fresenius Medical Care Tratment Options sessions, you can learn the benefits and limitations of all the available treatment types, so that you can work with your Doctor to choose the best treatment option for you. Call for more information.
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MedLink has been providing services to medical practices for the past 22 years. The following is a current list the services available. • HIPAA/HITECH: Risk Assessments and TPA services • PSO: Patient Safety Registry Membership • Software: CCHIT Certified EMR/PM software and consulting • EDI: Electronic Claims Clearing, Patient portal and Print and Mail Statements • Document and Data Management • Radiological Studies Online with DicomHubOur solutions are geared toward increasing work-flow and efficiency in the health care industry, including. HIPAA/HITECH is an area of high concern and visibility with todays increasing government intervention into the health care industry. The key to protecting your practice from fines up to $1,500,000 is to show that you have made every effort to comply with the 22 directives set out by this new law. We help by managing this risk for you. As your TPA we will regularly: • Identify – Technology, policy and procedural vulnerabilities. • Assess – Potential risk exposure relative to regulatory requirements. • Remediate Plan development to address the vulnerabilities posing the greatest threat. • Manage Provide the regular assessments required by law and breach management functions. Its tough to run medical practices these days. We are here to take the burden of security and compliance off your back and provide as much safe harbor as allowed by law to our clients.
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The mission of SouthernCare is to assure that residents of its service locales have access to a program of care that enhances the quality of life for the terminally ill and their families. Care of the whole person is emphasized by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support to all medically appropriate persons, without discrimination.
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Our mission is to develop and commercialize an open-architecture, multi-analyte biosensor platform setting new industry standards for fast, accurate and low-cost bioassay results throughout the life sciences industry, enabling the era of precision medicine.STI is developing disruptive new “gold-standards” in research instrumentation and medical diagnostic equipment by integrating its proprietary micro-cavity surface plasmon resonance(MSPR) biosensor technology in high performance substrate and cost effective reader.The MSPR technology is enabling faster results with higher sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities at a fraction of the price of current SPR technologies. As a result, MSPRtechnology will disrupt the market for the study of molecular interaction and ultimately transform the way diseases are diagnosed and monitored by enabling real time continuous monitoring.
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The Summit Urology Approach to CareAt Summit Urology, we not only specialize in urinary health, we specialize in pushing the boundaries of urinary care through: * Advanced technology—Our facility includes advanced diagnostics and treatment technologies that most other urologists can offer on site, including state-of-the-art X-ray facilities. * SurgiCare, our affiliated on-site outpatient surgery center—More than 90% of the procedures you may need can be done on site. This ensures your privacy and convenience and avoids hospital hassles. And dont worry, anesthesiologists from the hospital come to us, when or if theyre needed. * A uniquely organized team of specialists—Were discovered the best way to combine our abilities for the benefit of all our patients, giving us a range of skills and knowledge that is hard for other clinics to match. We treat: o Oncology (prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancer) o Benign prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia) o Male/female incontinence o Kidney stones o Male infertility o ED (erectile dysfunction) o Circumcision o Penile implants o No-scalpel vasectomy o TUNA (Transurethral Needle Ablation), a minimally invasive treatment for benign enlargement of the prostate * Extreme dedication to patient comfort and privacy—Comfort is so important that we created a unique facility to maximize your privacy and convenience. For example, all walls have extra soundproofing, examination rooms do not have windows, and our surgical scheduling and checkout areas are located where other patients cant overhear. * Convenience that makes a difference—Located next to State Road 37 in Bloomington, Indiana, Summit Urology is easy to find. And our new Martinsville location makes us more convenient than ever. Plus, were just 20 minutes from other area cities, including Bedford and Spencer, making us a convenient choice for patients throughout south-central Indiana.
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The Problem: Access to HealthcareIf you look around, it is not difficult to find the medically underserved. They live in every city, town and village in America. Here in Monroe and Owen counties, nearly 12,000 adults under 200% poverty are without any type of health insurance.Although health care reform includes coverage for the uninsured, it does not go into effect until 2014. Even then there will be many who will continue to remain uninsured. Concerned citizens need to find other ways to provide the medically underserved with the services they need.One answer to this health care crisis is Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe County a free medical clinic for adults without health insurance or the economic means to pay for health care.ServicesOperated by volunteers and with the support of the community and Bloomington Hospital, the Volunteers in Medicine clinic provides free, quality primary and preventive care for both chronic and acute illnesses. For a complete list of services to be provided at the clinic, see the Services and Eligibility page of the website.