Spherosense Technologies

Spherosense Technologies
1960 1/2 S Walnut St
Phone: 812-339-6323
Our mission is to develop and commercialize an open-architecture, multi-analyte biosensor platform setting new industry standards for fast, accurate and low-cost bioassay results throughout the life sciences industry, enabling the era of precision medicine.STI is developing disruptive new “gold-standards” in research instrumentation and medical diagnostic equipment by integrating its proprietary micro-cavity surface plasmon resonance(MSPR) biosensor technology in high performance substrate and cost effective reader.The MSPR technology is enabling faster results with higher sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities at a fraction of the price of current SPR technologies. As a result, MSPRtechnology will disrupt the market for the study of molecular interaction and ultimately transform the way diseases are diagnosed and monitored by enabling real time continuous monitoring.

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