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I provide professional photography services to women birthing in the south and central regions of Indiana. My website will soon feature galleries of my recent birth photography work. The images I capture are beautiful and full of emotion. Let me document you and your loved ones as you bring new life into the world. This can include labor and delivery images and high quality video, if desired. Imagine having forever a visual time capsule of the moments when a you meet your baby for the first time, watch your baby learn to latch and make that first moment of eye contact with you. Contact me for more information.
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Hello! My name is Lindsey Maxwell and I am a certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator. I was trained through DONA International as a birth and postpartum doula in 2010. Over the next two years, I became certified as a birth and postpartum doula as well as a lactation specialist through Lactation Education Consultants (LEC). I am a Lamaze certified childbirth educator and offer in-home consultations as well as group childbirth/postpartum classes at BABS. In the past four years, I’ve worked with over 50 families and feel I have learned something new from each of them. As a birth doula, I have experience in hospital settings with VBACs, clients on bed rest, prematurity, medicated births, and cesarean birth. I am very interested in providing doula support at home births as well. As a postpartum doula, I have experience with singletons, twins, families with older children, and bottlefed and breastfed babies. I also love to provide babywearing education to new and expectant parents and caregivers!
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Bloomington Area Birth Services is a non-profit organization focused on childbirth and postpartum issues. We offer childbirth education, prenatal & postnatal yoga and exercise, breastfeeding support, parent-baby playtime, sales of books, nursing bras, and baby slings. We also have support groups and provide information about doulas and midwives. We are here to help you make the most of your pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and early parenting experience. We work to create community, helping you to find the support you need to make the best decisions for yourself in the childbearing year and through your early parenting experience.
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Hello, and welcome. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one. As a birth and postpartum doula, it is my pleasure to serve women through the third and fourth trimesters. I call it “mothering the mother.” * My Birth Doula services are billed at $250.00 complete, and include at least one pre-birth meeting to create your birthing plans (more meetings if needed), my services at your home and/or the hospital from the time labor begins through the birth and first nursing. I specialize in a variety of birth comfort measures, and have experience with the Hypnobabies system. (But of course all birthing plans are up to you!) * Postpartum Services include new infant care, parent relief, sibling care as needed, light housekeeping, help with breast-feeding issues – whatever will help you and your family adjust in “the 4th trimester.” These services are billed at 15.00/hr, and scheduled as needed. * Nothing pleases me more than helping bring babies into the world. Please call or email me for more information! * (Additional information is available as text files in my Documents, at right, which will download in PDF format to your computer.)
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My name is Anna Haag and I’m a DONA-trained postpartum doula. I graduated with honors from Indiana University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, and I’ve been working with families, infants, and children for several years. My experience as a doula has included work with first, second, and third-time mamas, as well as families with twins and with premature babies. In addition to my work as a postpartum doula, I teach postpartum classes and workshops at Bloomington Area Birth Services and write for the BABS Blog. I absolutely love my work, and feel so lucky to be doing something that fulfills me and serves others. Services OfferedPrior to your baby’s arrival, I can provide support with:- baby-related shopping and preparation of the home- assistance in creating a postpartum plan- care of an expectant mother who is on bed restAfter your baby is born, I can provide support by:- coming to the hospital or to your home to provide care and support after your birth doula goes home- accompanying you as you become more confident about taking your baby out of the house- coming to your home to assist with any of the areas of care* provided by postpartum doulas As your baby grows, I am also available to::- help you to find resources related to a wide range of parenting topics- assist you as you prepare to baby-proof your home* Services will benefit not only mother and baby, but all members of the family. Services commonly provided include: – emotional support and simply being there to listen with an open mind – education and guidance in all areas of newborn care, including common breastfeeding and bottle-feeding questions – care of the newborn and/or older siblings that allows mom to nap, shower, take a walk, etc. – assistance in keeping up with the household, such as laundry and kitchen tasks – in some cases, overnight support may be available
Phone: 812-369-9758
SERVICES: I am a DONA trained birth doula, certified lactation specialist and childbirth educator. I provide private and small group childbirth education for individuals in the Bloomington Area. I offer professional birth doula support to women in South and Central Indiana with lactation support immediately following birth and the days and weeks to follow. Please contact me for a detailed description of my work. PHILOSOPHY: Our society and economy have morphed pregnancy, childbirth and parenting into complex, stressful experiences full of rules and unrealistic expectations, many of which deny or ignore the natural unfolding of things. As your childbirth educator I can help to make this journey much smoother with information, support and resources. I understand that for a wide variety of reasons, women need to or choose to have medicated childbirth. On the whole, however, I believe that birth is a natural, life-changing accomplishment. This is not to say that it is an easy journey– childbirth is hard work! And this is where my expertise as a birth professional is so valuable. Research supports the value of birth doulas in terms of lower intervention rates, shorter births, lower cesarean and instrumental births as well as higher satisfaction rates and a sense of control among the women who are supported by doulas (Hodnett, et al 2007). BACKGROUND: I have lived in Bloomington since 2008 when my husband and I moved here to settle down after studying abroad. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Family Studies and a BA in Spanish Studies. SOURCE: Hodnett ED, Gates S, Hofmeyr G J, Sakala C. (2007). Continuous support for women during childbirth. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Art. No.: CD003766 (3).
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If you’re looking for someone to photograph the birth of your baby, contact me, Sara Monnett, for more information. I’d love to meet you, learn more about your growing family, and document this special time for you and your family! I would be honored to document and witness your child’s Birth Story.
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Accepting homebirth midwife clients as of Fall 2009- contact me for more information.
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I am a mother of two. I have five years teaching experience in the public schools. I became interested in childbirth after the birth of my daughter in August 2006. I wanted to help other women and their partners have the type of experience they felt good about. I began my path towards my birth doula certification through Doulas of North America (DONA) in March 2007. I attended DONA birth doula training in January 2008, where I learned more about comfort techniques, laboring and birthing positions, and how to help a mother and her partner during her birth experience. I see birth as a natural process, one that doesn’t require unnecessary interventions. I also believe that an expectant mother should prepare for the labor and birth of her child through several ways: eating well, exercising, reading books supportive of intervention-free birthing, practicing her relaxation techniques (visualization, breathing, stretching, massage, etc), and practicing her laboring and birthing positions (squatting, hands and knees, lunging, etc). I do believe there are circumstances beyond our control that warrant intervention, and in order to be prepared for these unlikely happenings, it is proactive to be educated about the options available.