Olive Tree Birthing Company

214 East Hillside Drive
I am a mother of two. I have five years teaching experience in the public schools. I became interested in childbirth after the birth of my daughter in August 2006. I wanted to help other women and their partners have the type of experience they felt good about. I began my path towards my birth doula certification through Doulas of North America (DONA) in March 2007. I attended DONA birth doula training in January 2008, where I learned more about comfort techniques, laboring and birthing positions, and how to help a mother and her partner during her birth experience. I see birth as a natural process, one that doesn’t require unnecessary interventions. I also believe that an expectant mother should prepare for the labor and birth of her child through several ways: eating well, exercising, reading books supportive of intervention-free birthing, practicing her relaxation techniques (visualization, breathing, stretching, massage, etc), and practicing her laboring and birthing positions (squatting, hands and knees, lunging, etc). I do believe there are circumstances beyond our control that warrant intervention, and in order to be prepared for these unlikely happenings, it is proactive to be educated about the options available.
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