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Homemade Bath & Body Products. Soaps, Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, Lip Balms...
Earth Drops natural herbal handmade bath soaps are healthy, moisturizing face & body skincare products that contains 100% of the naturally occurring glycerin. Aromatic, richly moisturizing, full-bodied lather gently cleanses even tender faces while caressing your body as you bath with the lovely healthy essence of Mother Nature herself. An important part to any personal health care plan, Earth Drops natural herbal soaps.
If you've suffered with Acid Reflux,Chronic Fatigue Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Headaches or any other common ailments, then most likely your body is lacking the ability to heal due to toxic waste and build up and the lack of nutritional absorption Here at Two Feathers Iridology we offer an iris analysis which reveals the HEALTH and CONDITION Of THE WHOLE BODY Through this analysis we offer recommendations to help people build optimal Health Naturaly Let us help you toward a better quality of life!
Healing with SPIRIT Practitioner, Rev. Patricia C. Coleman is a Reiki Seichem Master Teacher offering Reiki Wellness Sessions for relaxation, stress and pain reduction by appointment. Patricia also occasionally offers Reiki and related wellness arts workshops to individuals and small groups. I have been working with the energy body for nearly 30 years. My vibration healing work Includes Ho'oponopono, Aura/Charkra Balancing, Limpias, Clearings for people, places and animals. Ceremonies and Healing Stone Aids. Reiki stimulates the bodies natural healing abilities, helps with stress and pain reduction and management. The experience of Reiki is unique to each individual. Visit my website for a description of my work, information and resources, including the use of Reiki in hospitals, the Reiki Wellness Project for Vet and other resources. My clients express experiences of deep relaxation, a general sense of well being and relief from pain.I provide Reiki to people,pets (in their own home only) and places. Reiki has been shown to be useful to persons experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alzehiemer's and Children with Attention Disorders and Austism as well as offered for palliative care. My work is Love and Well-being in creative action!My practice also intuitive energy and listening techniques with Creative Arts Play and storytelling, and Green Life Skills to facilitate your intention to nurture and support your own healing process.I am located in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe with Quilter's Comfort Teas, 725 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, IN
Providing nutrition, cancer prevention and disease prevention education.
The IHHN Holistic Health Network Directory is the most comprehensive directory of holistic and alternative wellness practitioners in Indiana, Nearby Ohio, and Kentucky featuring "HEALING CRANE" Newsletter and connections to Practitioners, wellness databases, gardening, green building, farmers markets and more.
We are a team of franchise and senior care experts who care deeply about the industry and the welfare of our senior population. We see a huge rewards – monetary and philanthropic – in improving the selection of future senior care franchisees.
Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus, on the body's surface, in order to influence physiological functioning of the body. Acupuncture can also be used in conjunction with heat produced by burning specific herbs, this is called Moxibustion. In addition, a non-invasive method of massage therapy, called Acupressure, can also be effective. The first record of Acupuncture is found in the 4,700 year old Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine). This is said to be the oldest medical textbook in the world. It is said to have been written down from even earlier theories by Shen Nung, the father of Chinese Medicine. Shen Nung documented theories about circulation, pulse, and the heart over 4,000 years before European medicine had any concept about them. As the basis of Acupuncture, Shen Nung theorized that the body had an energy force running throughout it. This energy force is known as Qi (roughly pronounced Chee). The Qi consists of all essential life activities which include the spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical aspects of life. A person's health is influenced by the flow of Qi in the body, in combination with the universal forces of Yin and Yang . (I will discuss Yin and Yang a little later). If the flow of Qi is insufficient, unbalanced or interrupted, Yin and Yang become unbalanced, and illness may occur. Qi travels throughout the body along "Meridians" or special pathways. The Meridians, (or Channels), are the same on both sides of the body (paired). There are fourteen main meridians running vertically up and down the surface of the body. Out of these, there are twelve organ Meridians in each half of the body (remember they are in pairs). There are also two unpaired midline Meridians.
DeDe Foster is a local nurse practitioner who focuses on dementia with a particular interest in medication management.
Julie Hill is a Certified Spiritual Healer with a Masters Degree in Recreation. She specializes in using the medicine wheel to evaluate age friendly environments and to develope holistic recreation programs for older adults.She is the founder of PARTNERS: A Creative Arts Program for People with Memory Loss, and is currently the Assisted Living Program Coordinater at Bell Trace Senior Living Community.Julie provides Creative Options for Wellness as a consultation service.
No matter where you are on the path to total health, we're here to help. We have a large variety of health products for overall health improvement, as well as goal-oriented improvements such as size loss or energy gain.To maintain vital Health and remain Free of disease, support your bodies Immune system with Mannatechs Patented Technology, which is a scientific breakthrough in natural, non-toxic healing. Scientists hail this as “the most important discovery in medical history!”MIT's Technology Review February 2003 issue says: "Glycomics, the study and application of these vital sugars to be one of the Ten Emerging technologies That Will Change The World!"
CrossFit training for Bloomington and surrounding areas. Classes, personal training, Yoga, Spinning, and more. Ready to get really fit? Come try CrossFit SI! First time is Free!Combine gymnastics, military PT, weightlifting, and cardio exercises in a fun and competitive atmosphere.
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