Environmental Stewardship

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An organic herb shop + natural parenting boutiqueWe offer a wide range of Herbal Products as well as an extensive selection of Natural Parenting Products. We are committed to selling products that are either natural, organic, and fairtrade or in the best situation, all of the above. We shop from companies that care about their carbon footprint and ecological practices, so your purchases reflect this as well.Offering baby registry and beautiful gifts for babies and children. Come explore Barefoot!
Imagine a public fruit orchard for everyone to enjoy! Be part of this visionary project! Help plan, plant, maintain, and (eventually) harvest Bloomington’s first Community Orchard.The orchard will contribute to Bloomingtons food security, inspire joyful community engagement, and educate citizens while making sustainability delicious.
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It is the mission of the Center for Sustainable Living to make available information, services, projects and networking opportunities for those interested in exploring ecologically sustainable ways of thinking, living and interacting in our community.
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Website: www.copa.org
The Coalition Opposed to PCB Ash in Monroe County, Inc. (COPA) is a nonprofit, grassroots coalition of concerned community members, business and professional people that formed in November, 1989, to stop the construction of a PCB Hazardous Waste Incinerator and Hazardous Waste Landfill in Monroe County. COPA maintains comprehensive information about the PCB Superfund sites in Bloomington, Indiana, as well as PCB health effects, remediations, and references.
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Formed by a group of dedicated volunteers in 1989, the Indiana Recycling Coalition, Inc. (IRC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization representing concerned citizens, state and local government officials, business, industry and environmental groups. Our mission is to support source reduction, reuse, composting and recycling activities in Indiana. To encourage integrated recycling, the Coalition supports buying recycled-content products, and the collection and remanufacturing of recyclable materials. The goal of this support is to conserve our natural resources, decrease reliance on final disposal and to encourage environmental responsibility. The Coalition supports this Mission by:- Fostering a diverse and active membership;- Offering forums for discussion, networking and education;- Supplying materials to support the development of solutions at the local, regional and state levels; and- Developing advocacy positions, to serve as a voice of the membership.
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The District serves south central Indiana asthe leader in green business initiatives,education, and waste & recycling management.The District is a multifaceted service organization with five locations that educate andprovide programs to the citizens of Monroe County to ensure that recyclables and trashare handled in an environmentally safe and socially and economically responsible manner.Find out more about our mission, our facilities, and the people who make it happen.
Musgrave Orchard & CoreFarms CSA
Phone: 812-339-5006
Core Farms CSA began in 2004 as a “community-supported agriculture” operation. CSA consists of a community of individuals and families who pledge support to the farm’s operation and share the risks and benefits of local food production. Our CSA families pledge in advance to cover the anticipated costs of the farm’s operation.
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Natural Elements is a shop dedicated to promoting eco-consciousness by offering products made with sustainable or Earth friendly materials (i.e. bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton). The shop also provides a retail outlet for local artists and craftsmen to offer their creations to the general public. Finally, the store offers many fair trade products made throughout the world, making sure that everyone, including the farmer or artist, receives fair compensation for their time and effort.