Bt Access

Bt Access
130 W. Grimes Lane
Phone: 812-336-7433
BT Access operates year round for persons with disabilities who cannot use the existing “fixed route” bus system to move about within the city limits. Their vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts.Eligibility to use BT Access may be granted on a full or conditional basis depending on the person’s ability to use regular fixed route bus service. Those persons who receive full eligibility status may use BT Access for all trips within the service area during days and hours that service operates. Conditional eligibility may be granted to persons who under certain conditions may be able to use regular fixed route service. Persons with conditional eligibility may use BT Access when their disability prevents them from using the regular fixed route service. All persons granted full or conditional eligibility for BT Access are subject to periodic recertification of their eligibility status. Such recertification shall generally be done every 1-3 years.

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