Creating Harmony LLC

Creating Harmony LLC
Contact Name: Kathy Smith
Phone: 812-217-7747
Creating Harmony offers something truly unique and innovative for your skin — Flower Essences combined with organic nutrients from around the globe.Creating Harmony LLC was awarded “champion” status with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Products have been rated for safety by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).Everything on this planet has its own vibrational frequency. The energy of sunlight imprints the frequency of the gemstone or flower into water creating the essences. These essences can be effective on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, bringing about calm and balance even when unsettling events occur. Skincare products made with select organic ingredients and enhanced with these vibrational essences provide exceptional results.Products available include face creams, serums and toners, hand and body lotions, men’s shaving/facial care, baby products, vibrational essences.

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