Journeywork, Services For The New World

Journeywork, Services For The New World
Center For Wholism
Contact Name: Cinda Crull MS, MDiv, MFT
Phone: 774-327-8884
Through the unique services of JourneyWork, I utilize traditional therapeutic clinical modalities, as well as complementary wellness approaches, and a dose of the mystical, to help create with you and your higher Guidance an uplifting as well as life altering experience. I use the psychological, metaphysical, and mystical to assist you to literally transform your life. JW embraces both the logical and intuitive parts of your brain, and through connection, communication, and collaboration facilitates you to balance and blossom. Expect foundational shifts that assist integration of all levels of your being!What people that take any of the services of JourneyWork have in common is a deep hunger to connect…with themselves, a higher power that validates that, and a support system of like-hearted others to work and play with. They long to create a life that allows their very essence to find fertile ground and thrive. Many have waited so long to be ‘themselves’ that they’ve forgotten who they are. They seek to rediscover and build upon what is real. While JW offers many tools that are practical, the main gift it shares is a fresh reinterpretation of tired, old norms that help the seeker create the life and be the person that they love. Many people tell me that working with me, my Teachers, their own Guidance, has significantly changed and improved their lives. I’m thrilled and humbled.

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