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Dr. Karin Drummond
Floatation Therapy has been scientifically proven to help with Fibromyalgia, pain management, delayed muscle onset soreness (i.e. – from physical exertion, working out, sports), sleep disorders, learning, creativity and more. WHY FLOAT? Relaxation is an art. For many people, relaxation is an elusive state. Fortunately, it is a natural ability which can be re-acquired. Floating is an effortless and efficient method of achieving maximum relaxation in a minimum amount of time. The saline solution increases your buoyancy, allowing you to float effortlessly. While floating, you can turn off the light and music. With out the bombardment of distractions, your brain may at first entertain itself with many thoughts. But given enough time, your brain will eventually fall into a theta brain wave state, the state that master mediators around the world obtain despite distractions. Anyone can achieve this state in a floatation pod. In this state, breathing slows down, heart rate and blood pressure decrease, stress-related biochemicals are lowered, while the production of endorphins are stimulated, generating a state of calm and well-being. Floating promotes health, fortifies the immune system, and speeds healing from injuries and illness. Floating intensifies athletic focus and boosts performance. Freed from external stimulation creates the optimum environment for mentally practicing physical endeavors such as sports, martial arts, dance and other movement arts. Athletes are also able to speed their recovery from peak output and eliminate fatigue and “post-race letdown”. Some athletes even sleep in Float Pods over night to speed their recovery… People often report sleeping better after floating. Others have used floatation in combination with other therapies to help with weight loss and smoking cessation, with greater success than the other therapies alone.Some people report improvement (decrease in pain or improvement of their skin) after just one float. Most people report benefits within 3 to 5 floats. Almost everyone reports feeling a state of relaxation even in their first float.Come and try floatation for yourself… see what it can do for you.
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