Soapy Soap Company

Soapy Soap Company
903 W. 1st Street
Unit 1
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Mohammed Mahdi OR Anthony Duncan

Soapy Soap Company is The Mad Optimist, DesignMySoap, Sabun, and Bloomington Label Tech.

Making soaps for our community.

Soapy Soap Company was started by three guys who wanted to create a more natural, functional bar of soap, and couldn’t stop there! Now we produce a full line of body care products at our facility in Bloomington, IN, using only the highest-quality, meticulously researched plant-based ingredients.

We’re a lighthearted group, but we take quality extremely seriously- we know our customers are conscious about what they put in their bodies, so why not create products for what they put on their bodies the same way? Our customers are just like us- they are aware of the environment and sustainability, and take an enlightened, intelligent approach to education, social justice, and other important issues.

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes- we have an intense dedication to our customers and their experience with us. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’re proud of it!

If you are liking what your hear- what are you waiting for? We have fresh batches of soaps, lip balms, and more ready for you to try them out!

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