Bloomington Ata Black Belt

1921 Liberty Drive
Our SchoolBloomington ATA Martial Arts Academy is a family owned and operated martial arts school that specializes in giving each member of the family a place where they can grow individually while keeping family bonds strong. Our Training Programs are specially designed for each and every member of the family from 18 months to 80+.Our purpose is to empower all who desire to accomplish their goals by enabling each to achieve his or her potential. Our mission is to serve our members, their families, and our community by utilizing all of our skills and talents to help you or your child develop himself or herself in a healthy and progressive manor.The GoalsOur number one goal is that each of our students achieve their personal goals. For the fitness client these goals are very individual. Our trained staff can help you identify and achieve your goals. For the Martial Arts Student it usually means achieving their Black Belt! Our entire program is designed so that our students can and will achieve their personal best and earn this “very special” rank. They can defend themselves with great skill but, more importantly they know how to avoid negative situations before the use of physical force is required. They continue to improve their abilities and knowledge. They have also developed the indomitable spirit to accomplish anything. They know how to set and achieve goals. They have become good students and leaders. They know when to follow and when to lead. They can work as a team while succeeding as individuals. They win with integrity and humility. They know that failure is just a stepping stone to success. They can focus on a specific while at the same time be aware of their surroundings. They are self-disciplined in a healthy way. They are self-confident in a positive manner. They are their best today knowing they will be even better tomorrow!The Martial Arts is a tremendous tool for training, changing and developing self control in yourself or your children. We believe the highest goal of the true Martial Artist is to stop the fight before it begins. Teaching students how to be self-disciplined, self-controlled, self-confident and giving them the skills to defend themselves both physically and mentally are the best weapons against violence. Everyone, especially children, should learn and practice these skills. Through many years of development our programs are designed to specifically integrate “principle based” personal life-skills lessons into our Martial Arts training. These skills empowers one to become and achieve all they choice to be and do. This is especially important in helping children develop into healthy, happy and productive adults.
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