I currently work in three different painting styles. Endlessly intrigued with nature, the focus of much of my paintings has been local birds and vegetation. My work is influenced by classes taken with several Chinese artists. The use of the bamboo brush and minimal brush strokes lends itself to the freshness of the subject. I continue to explore the fluidity of watercolor and strive to capture the energy of nature’s ever changing imagery.I also enjoy doing musician gesture drawings. These are done while listening to live performances so that the music influences the lines. I do many sketches in order to accomplish my goal of expressing the most with the least amount of line.Recently I’m returning to abstracts. Using acrylic paint as a medium, I spend a lot of attention mixing the colors while referring to color combinations in nature. Then with careful manipulation, sometimes only using my hands, I allow the paint to pool and flow creating the natural abstractions. Frequently I find some of the most exciting areas to be rather small, so photograph and enlarge the area creating new compositions.Though these three styles appear very different, they are similar in that I am trying to capture the energy of the moment.Commissions are welcomed.
Grunwald Gallery Of Art
See The Latest From Moe’s Ache Studio Online! Although our studio is named Moe’s Ache (say it quickly), there is no actual person named Moe involved with the mosaic sculpture and installations created here. We felt it necessary to christen the studio with a name that evokes the same humor that encompasses our work. We often start by reclaiming everyday objects, many destined for the landfill, reinventing them using both traditional and innovative mosaic techniques.Adding a touch of humor and a bit of whimsey, we strive to create public and commercial artwork that evokes a smile while reminding us of our role as resourceful stewards of our planet. If our trash is to come back and haunt us, it should be in a form we can enjoy!We’d love to create a custom piece just for you! Where can you see Moe’s Ache pieces? Check our Face Book page for current shows
Local Bloomington cartoonist. Published in Taiwan. Comic Strip by artist Rich Reardin. "Cosmic-Tomix" is about awakening to the human experience of persuing a path of enlightenment…even when that path seems strewn with the mundane or the benign. Cosmic Tom inspires us to "look again" at our world.
Visit the IU Art Museum where admission is ALWAYS FREE. Our encyclopedic collection includes works from around the globe, including paintings by Picasso, Pollock, Monet, and many many more. Visit our website for current exhibitions and installations.
Carolyn Rogers Richard
A resource for independent and amateur filmmakers. Our goal is to demystify filmmaking and help bring together people with various skills and interests, including actors, writers, artists, musicians, directors and film buffs.
Custom Handmade Furniture, Woodworking, Miniature Spiral Staircases and Cocoon Lamps
I am a “people person” and love Nature. I love to share my love of the Divine Creative. My art takes me in a variety of directions. I love paper, printmaking, and painting. But, I also enjoy the camera and have studied photography. Therefore, I find that I create in a number of veins. I create in collage, watercolor and incorporate many printmaking techniques. I live in rural Indiana and love the landscape. Many of my paintings are a reflection of places and times of the year. Much of my work is watercolor. I am a Signature member of the Bloomington Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Society of Indiana.I am a retired Art teacher, and I have found myself still wanting to guide others~ now I am placing my focus on women and helping them midwife their own discovery of the “face of their Guide” through a process called “The Art of Allowing”. I am working with women one-on-one. If this intrigues you, please contact me.Some bodies of my work I call inner landscapes. In these pieces, I work abstractly with handmade papers from my own studio and from around the world, creating collages with printing techniques and found objects. I have been working with Mandalas for decades, and I am available to work with you to create a “personal mandala”. Many of my pieces are available as giclee prints in a variety of sizes. Cards are also available in 2 sizes.
Matthew Gordon Levandoski is a Fine Art Photographer living and working in Bloomington, Indiana, by way of Kelwood, Manitoba, Canada. He is nationally and internationally published in print, web and book form, as well as having been commisioned for musical album liner notes. His aspirations are to always stretch the borders of creativity within his medium and push the limits of ideas. Commisions for private collectors.
Internationally known, Bloomington-based artist Jennifer Garant’s work expresses the exuberance and joy found in a life lived to the fullest.Jennifer’s work has been commissioned by collectors around the world, from public and private organizations to corporations and celebrities, and has been shown and collected by galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her signature chefs have been distributed world-wide on a wide variety of licensed products for the home.
The Musical Arts Youth Orchestra offers a full symphonic orchestra experience to young musicians in south central Indiana. MAYO also offers chamber music coaching through its Chamber music Program and jazz combo experience through its Jazz Program. Young musicians from eleven Southern Indiana counties participate. The MAYO mission is to provide musical training to a wide array of students of all levels and backgrounds, to promote excellence while fostering individual development, and to prepare students not just as musicians but as community members.
North Wind Kites beautifully handcrafts single line kites made of durable 3/4 oz. rip-stop nylon. Many styles available including the two tone fringed delta in Lg and Sm, the double diamond box, tri-star box, mini and super snowflake, 9ft. and 6ft. conyne delta, Lg and Sm sky ray delta, 5 ft. delta and Braswell’s tumbling star. Prices range from $20 – $ 150. Kite line available. Free Bloomington delivery.