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Cafe Bali
Phone: 812-287-8251
Cafe bali. we served asian food ( Halal ), mille crepe, boba tea, coffee, beer.
Phone: 812-325-5961
Every day, over 1 billion people worldwide eat chocolate; in fact, the average North American consumes more than 12 pounds of chocolate each year and Europeans on average consume more than 15 pounds. Consequently, the Xoçaiâ„¢ business is simple: replace the bad with the good. The best part is that you will be paid to eat and share our Healthy Chocolate.Wouldn’t it be great if you could improve the health of yourself, your friends AND make money by eating Healthy Chocolate???Store-bought chocolate is typically high in refined (white) sugar, milk fats, and hydrogenated oils – ingredients that replace the truly healthful nutrients found in cocoa.Further, most store-bought chocolate use a process method called “Dutching,” which adds alkali-potash to the cocoa before roasting. While this process makes processing cocoa less expensive, this alkalinization process removes most of the chocolate’s antioxidant benefits. Another process commonly used by store-bought brands is roasting; when chocolate is prepared above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, most of its ANTIOXIDANT compounds are destroyed.Xoçaiâ„¢ products contain all natural, unprocessed cold pressed chocolate. Being unprocessed, it holds 100% of its antioxidant and nutritional value. With Healthy Chocolate products, you get ALL the antioxidant power of dark chocolate without the fat, preservatives, fillers and high sugar like you do in other chocolate.Our delicious chocolate products have been created to provide maximum ANTIOXIDANT benefits, while minimizing the negatives usually associated with chocolate, that is, too much fat and too much sugar.Take a look at some of the videos and testimonials.For a sample of Chocolate or Business information please contact us.
Two Sticks Bakery
Phone: 812-668-2125